Hello - President-Elect Obama Calling

Never in the history of the United States has a Presidential Candidate or a President-Elect or much less a sitting President asked everyday citizens for input in making policy. This idea is so new and innovative that even your congressperson has yet to embrace it. While most congresspersons reject input from the public and will go to great effort to avoid it, our President-Elect has decided to embrace it.

Fellow citizens, President-Elect Obama is asking for your input on where this great nation should be going. Yes it is true that not all your suggestion can or will be implemented. However, it is possible some of your ideas can be combined with others and a win-win policy can be forged. Now is the time to make your ideas known to the President-Elect.

Please remember that the transition staff is very busy and cannot answer every e-mail received. But we have been assured that each e-mail received will be given appropriate attention by staff.

You may share your thoughts in general, or your hopes and dreams for the future or even your election night experience.

I just wrote in to share my vision for where President-Elect Obama should lead the country, and I thought you might want to do the same:


Just go to the above website and share your thoughts with our President-Elect. I did.


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