How To Break Laws Without Trying

We are a nation of laws, yes we are.  We have laws to cover just about any situation that may occur.  Take for instance the exposing of the ACORN employees counseling the undercover reporters on how to cheat the IRS and how to import children for prostitution, well; it now appears that the two reporters have broken the law.

Maryland has a law that makes it illegal to record an event unless both parties are aware the event is being recorded.  Under that law ACORN is now suing the reporters for five million dollars.

This particular law makes a lot of sense to me.  Just stop and think about it. Would you want someone recording you breaking the law?  Of course not! 

These types of laws are great for those that want to safely commit a crime.  No more taking a hidden camera into the doctors’ visit.  No more taking a hidden camera to your dentists visit.  Absolutely not, we want these criminals to feel safe in committing their crimes.

Also this week it was revealed that in the great state of Michigan it is against the law to leave your children in the care of a neighbor if that neighbor is not licensed as a day care.

It seems that too many people were letting their children go to a neighbor’s home for 15 or 20 minuets in the morning to wait for the school bus while the parents left for work. 

Well the law sure put a stop to that dangerous practice.  Who knows what dangers lurk in the home of your best friends? No more letting the neighbor watch the kids while you run to the store for milk and bread. 

Our politicians are experts at writing laws that only they can understand.  For instance, in the state of Texas liability insurance is required on all vehicles.  And now some cities will impound your car if you have no insurance. The only way to get it out of impound is to purchase insurance.

I understand that a new law may soon take effect that requires all citizens and resident aliens to have medical insurance or face a $1,000.00 fine.  What next?  Will they impound your body if you get caught more than once without medical insurance?   

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wesleycox profile image

wesleycox 7 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012

You bring up some very interesting points of discussion. Thanks for illuminating these issues

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