Immigration and Customs Enforcement Conduct Raids


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) today conducted raids in Houston Texas rounding up over 100 illegal aliens. Normally I would criticize the ICE. But today I have nothing but praise for them.

In my humble opinion it is about time. The illegal aliens they rounded up are not working men and women trying to feed their families. They are fugitives running from the law as well as ICE. Most are wanted for violent crimes such as murder, wife beating, assault and a host of other lesser crimes.

Houston Texas has over 38,000 fugitives that are also illegal aliens. Most of these fugitives could care less about their families. They could care less about working and improving their lot in life. They are here to rob and scam anyone they can. And they do it here (in the USA) because this is where the laws are more favorable to the offender. It is also a land that is better off economically.

I applaud the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency because this is what they should be doing. Enough of apprehending people who's only crime is seeking a better economy in which to feed and better their family. I believe that if ICE were to concentrate on deporting illegal aliens that are violent offenders, more citizens as well as undocumented workers would be more than willing to cooperate with the apprehension of these persons.

If Houston Texas has over 38,000 fugitives that are also illegal aliens imagine how many there are in all the large cities across the USA. There could be hundreds of thousands. Certainly enough to keep the ICE busy for a while.

This is a sensitive issue. Congress has yet to come forward with a comprehensive plan to alleviate or address the problem. While the great debate continues, ICE should continue and even increase its efforts to apprehend these criminals.

Should the ICE be spending scarce resources apprehending working persons and making orphans of children born in the United States while these hardened criminals are loose among us? Would not those scarce resources be better spent apprehending murders, wife beaters, child molesters, robbers, con artists, etc.?

We, as a nation, have limited resources. The needs addressed by those resources should be prioritized and the resource expended according to the priority. Priority number one; keep our citizens, homes and streets safe. If Immigration and Customs Enforcement can do that, the morals of our great nation will take care of the rest.

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laringo profile image

laringo 8 years ago from From Berkeley, California.

Immigration is a very touchy subject, but it should not matter if it proven that you are a law breaker(as in a felony)and you are a illegal alien,you must be deported.

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