Wolf Dressed in Innocence

I am just your friendly neighborhood watchman

It was a sad day for Miss Silvie, her sweet husband wasn't able to recover from his surgery. As Miss Silvie's family gathered at at the house after the burial, her next door neighbors, Ernie and Clover prepared to send over some appetizers. Ernie and Clover along with their son had returned home as soon as the funeral had ended. Ernie and Clover had been Miss Silvie's neighbors for the past ten years. The couple had blended well into the neighborhood, that Ernie had become the neighborhood watchman. Ernie and Clover would sit on their porch early in the morning and after evening supper, keeping an eye on the neighborhood. If there were any incident or trouble in the neighborhood, Ernie was on the phone to the police.

After Miss Silvie's husband died, the step daughter-in-law's sister Daisy Mae became the live-in caregiver. Daisy Mae stayed as long as she could, until Miss Silvie's behavior became to much for her. Miss Silvie began to put up a fuss about the diet Daisy Mae had her on. The last straw came while Ernie and Clover were visiting, Miss Silvie attack Daisy Mae over a can of cola. Ernie had to literally pull Miss Silvie off of Daisy Mae. Daisy Mae quickly called Miss Silvie's sister, packed her belongings and lefted as soon as the step grandson and his family came to live with Miss Silvie. From appearances, everything seemed ok, accept for all the trash that began to line the driveway and the constant late night in and out traffic.

Every once and a while Ernie had to remind the step grandson to keep the driveway cleared and not to forget when trash day was. This activity continued until the step daughter-in-law told Ernie and Clover that her son and his family will be moving on. The stepson and the step daughter-in-law had decided to put Miss Silvie in a nursing home and sell the house. At the beginning of summer, Miss Silvie's biological sister showed up and had moved in with the step grandson and his family. Ernie and Clover witness Miss Silvie's sister complaining to the step grandson's kids about the trash in the yard, three dogs barking all night, and strangers visiting after midnight on a school night. Miss Silvie's sister finally called the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police was a long time friend of Miss Silvie and her husband, he ordered the step grandson to clear out the trash in the yard and driveway, clear out the garbage in the basement which was blocking the furnace, and get rid of the dogs after Miss Silvie complained that they were getting on her nerves.

Ernie and Clover began to see a change in their block, especially at Miss Silvie's house, Miss Silvie asked for her step grandson and his family to move out. After moving in, Miss Silvie's sister had fresh sod laid, while replacing the old fence surrounding the backyard and driveway. The bug man came and exterminated the house from top to bottom as well as the outside. A handy man even came and fixed the roof of the house,and a plumber fixed the two bathrooms in the house. Miss Silvie's sister even had a ramp placed on the front and the back of the house for Miss Silvie. Ernie was given the old refrigerator in the kitchen, after Miss Silvie's sister brought a new refrigerator.

Before winter rolled around, Miss Silvie and her sister had developed their own daily routine. On days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Miss Silvie would use her walker and walk from the front of the house to the back of the house. Tuesday and Thursday, Ernie would see Miss Silvie exit her sister's car after she had spent time at the Senior Day Care Center. Miss Silvie was being taking care of, no doubt.

Unfortunately good things, don't always last. Miss Silvie's sister allowed her son and daughter-in-law to come and visit. Ernie and Miss Silvie's nephew became great friends. Ernie and Miss Silvie's nephew weren't allowed to smoke their cigarettes in the house, so they would meet in the yard and have their daily smoke. The nephew would brag on how his mother had redecorated the house and brought new furniture. The nephew showed off the tools in the garage that belong to Miss Silvie's husband, and he even gave some to Ernie. Ernie accepted the gifts, but he and his wife became very envious. They both were believing the lies the nephew was telling them about how his mother was spending Miss Silvie's money.

Winter came and went and spring was beginning, Ernie saw how things began to change after he had mention to Miss Silvie's sister that the nephew had given him some of the tools in the garage. Ernie later found that the tools did belong to Miss Silvie's husband, and that the nephew had taken them. For a while Ernie did not accept anything from the nephew.

One weekend, Ernie was on his way to a neighborhood watch meeting, when he ran into Miss Silvie and the nephew. Miss Silvie and the nephew had just left the office of the Chief of Police after Miss Silvie had complained to the chief about her sister. Later on that night, Ernie and the nephew met for a smoke and talked about Miss Silvie. The nephew claimed that Miss Silvie was being verbally abused by her sister and that money was being mismanaged. Ernie could not believe what he was hearing. Until one day, while Miss Silvie's sister was gone, Miss Silvie came out for her daily walk around the house, and she spoke to him. Miss Silvie told Ernie that her sister was stealing from her and she won't let her leave the house anymore. The nephew asked Ernie what should he do about Miss Silvie and his mother, Ernie did not reply at first. But finally he told the nephew, he should get legal advice for Miss Silvie.

Ernie told his wife, Clover about the feud between Miss Silvie, her sister and the nephew. Ernie said that just wait, Miss Silvie will eventually end up in a home and the family will have to sell the house. And when the family does, Ernie and Clover will put their bid in for the house. This is why Ernie did not want to move from their cramp little apartment. Ernie told his neighbor Jeff, he has waited ten years to get that house.

Ernie and Clover continue to be the dutiful neighborhood watchpersons. They played both ends against the middle. When the nephew complained or Miss Silvie's sister complained, Ernie and Clover listened. Because they knew sooner or later the fuse would ignite the bomb.

It was 4th of July, Miss Silvie's sister and the nephew had a heated argument, the police arrived and escorted Miss Silvie's sister out. Miss Silvie's sister told Ernie, she was being forced to leave. Ernie listened sympathetically, but then he said to Clover...see what he meant. Months after Miss Silvie sister left, the nephew and his wife left. On the day the nephew left, he made it seem like they were leaving because one of his wife's relative was sick. The nephew asked Ernie and Clover, if they could help them pack their things on the rental truck in exchange for some of the furniture, Miss Silvie's sister left behind.

Before the nephew left, he asked Ernie and Clover to watch over Miss Silvie until another relative comes. The relative never came. Miss Silvie was in the house for at least five months, before Ernie and Clover decided they could no longer help her. The bills were piling up, Miss Silvie had ran out of medicine, and besides the other neighbors had begin to ask too many question.

Ernie and Clover notified the Chief of Police and he in turn notified the advocate for senior health. Everything seem to be going according to plans, until Miss Silvie's sister showed up. The senior advocate had notified Miss Silvie's sister about what had happened, so Miss Silvie's sister decided to go by and talk to Ernie and Clover. What was so funny, Miss Silvie's sister was traveling on the local street not far from the house, when she practically bumped heads with Ernie and Clover on their way home. Ernie tried to block his face, so she would not recognize him, but it was too late. Miss Silvie's sister just politely followed them to their home, and got out and told Ernie and Clover about the call she had received about her sister. Ernie made the mistake of telling Miss Silvie's sister that he still had the keys to the house. Miss Silvie's sister wanted the keys, but Ernie gave some excuse about why he could not give the keys to her. Ernie said that the Chief of Police told him not to give the keys to Miss Silvie's sister because of a order of protection placed against her by Miss Silvie and the nephew. The only thing Ernie would give Miss Silvie's sister was her mail, and promised to let her know if any more mail came to the house. Again months past, finally Ernie had to relinquished the keys to the social worker at the nursing home. But Ernie didn't care, he, Jeff and Clover had already taken the rest of the furniture from the house.

Miss Silvie never was able to return to the house. The bank has ownership of the house now. Ernie and Clover are still your friendly neighborhood watchpersons, and waiting for their chance to get the house.


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