fighting to keep american free

The fact is that we are at a important point in history in which the leftist, socialist have hijacked our government. We as a nation, must come together quickly to fight this tyrannic power. This government is to be run by the people and not the other way around. The Government should not be having their hands in every part of our life's. We as a nation should see how the government messes up everything that they touch, so what makes you think that them touching our aspects of our lives that they will become any better? Since in office, the Obama administration has done nothing that was promised accordingly to the change that was promised. They have systematically destroyed our freedoms and rights, one by one. They are currently working on a "kill switch" for the internet, giving Obama the right to terminate the internet when he feels significant to do it. This is the destroying of the freedom of speech. He has since in office, yet to prove he is an American citizen, yet showing his credit of a birth certificate. The Document he presents on his web site is given to any member of Hawaii regardless of being born their or nationality.

We as a country must be better informed, write to your congress and senators. Write to mayors and governors. Support your military, since the majority of the military is seeing the truth of the traitors in office. Come November, if they don't try some scam like declaring martial law, please vote the scumballs out of office. Use your given freedom that we still have today to go and vote. These are self serving, American hating, socialist who have systematically taken control of our nation to bring about the plot of global government, one currency, unlimited borders, and more. This might seem like not a bad idea, but do you want to have to abide by laws set by foreign countries who don't have the interest of the United States, actually don't even like us? Your freedoms will continue to go down the drain, one by one and the sad fact is most people aren't even aware of the bills being pushed into legislation everyday to get these freedoms removed. One person can make a difference. Get involved, study, learn, volunteer, and go to rallies. Please America, wake up!

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