Keep It Real - Be True To Yourself

Keep It Real

It is imperative that individuals who seek to live righteously in a society of crookedness, every now and then must stop for a reality check. For reality far out weight the vapor of empty fantasies. Because of the brevity of life, individuals must remain focused on reality.

Of course, there must be a time of cheerfulness produced by objective activities. Surely, all vocation and no recreation causes one to border on dullness. But the problem comes when the scale of life isn't taken into consideration.

There must be an even balance. Also, it must be fully understood that each entity promotes the other. Unrealistic thinking will surely lead to an act of foolishness. The world is full of foolish individuals.


The concluding view then is to go through life with our eyes clearly seeing a world of reality, while engaging in life saving deviational activities. The long and short of it all is, life is real, people are real, danger is real, hurt is real, and yes death is real.

It's time to keep it real and be true to yourself.

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megasuite profile image

megasuite 8 years ago from Illinois

What a wonderful hubpage. And, how challenging it can be to to keep it real - you go girl!

Missred profile image

Missred 8 years ago Author

Thanks! Just keeping it real.

gitrdun4444 profile image

gitrdun4444 5 years ago from North Carolina

My sentiments exactly: "Be real, and keep it real" I really like this one. Thank you!

Carl B profile image

Carl B 5 years ago

Well said!

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay

I always keep it real, thus I like this hub. Nice.

zduckman profile image

zduckman 5 years ago

YES. It is so important to be your authentic self. Thank you.

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