Will Killing of 24 Pakistan Soldiers by NATO Forces Affect US-Pakistan Relations?

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Will US-Pakistan relations break down because of killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers by NATO forces?

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War on Terror

US President Obama refused to apologize or express condolence for the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers by NATO forces in Afghanistan border.
US President Obama refused to apologize or express condolence for the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers by NATO forces in Afghanistan border. | Source

US-Pakistan Relations

Pakistan celebrated 26/09

Recently, NATO forces operating in Pakistan-Afghanistan border fired and killed 24 Pakistani soldiers. This has caused widespread protest against USA in Pakistan. It is not that Pakistani people are very fond of America. Even before this attack took place, Pakistani people had no great love and affection for the Americans. In fact, when the World Trade Centre was hit and thousands of Americans died in September 2001, many Pakistanis distributed sweets and celebrated it as a victory for Islam.

Obama refused to even express condolence

Therefore, it is correct to say that the already existing bitter feelings among the Pakistani people against USA have turned bitterer because of the NATO attack. Their anger has multiplied when the US President Barack Obama steadfastly refused to offer apology for the attack. The US President refused even to offer his condolence to the bereaved families of the Pakistani soldiers.

China is not happy that Pakistan has two masters

This development has come as sweet news for both China and India. For China it is sweet news because if the relationship between Pakistan and USA breaks down, Pakistan will become a full fledged satellite nation of China. Pakistan will be at par with North Korea in that respect. North Korea dances to the tunes of China. Though Pakistan also dances to China’s tunes, it also dances to the tunes of USA. In other words, Pakistan has two masters to serve whereas North Korea has only one master. China is distinctly unhappy about this because USA is China’s competitor in economic and military fields in the world. However much China has tried, it was unsuccessful in breaking the relations between USA and Pakistan. Pakistan wants American relationship because America is pumping millions of dollars into Pakistan in the name of war on terror.

Indians celebrated when Ilyas Kashmiri was shot like a street dog by America

India is also happy at the developments. This is because of the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers. Ilyas Kashmiri killed an Indian soldier, beheaded the dead body and presented the head to the then Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf. Musharraf complemented Ilyas Kashmiri for the act and gave him a gift. This news had angered millions of Indians and shocked India as a whole. Indian army was seething with rage. But when the news that Ilyas Kashmiri was shot like a street dog by the American drone plane in the Afghanistan border came out, Indians jumped with joy. Their ecstasy knew no bounds. Sweets were distributed and girls danced. Music was played in every home. What India wanted very much to do but could not do it, America had done on its behalf. Indians thanked USA wholeheartedly for this deed.

Indians celebrate with sweets

Now the death of 24 Pakistani soldiers has arrived as yet another sweet news for the Indians. To add insult to injury, US President is refusing to even extend his condolences to the bereaved families of the killed soldiers. This has made Indians very happy. Of course, Obama may offer a belated apology or condolence with qualifications. Pakistan may accept that also. But for the time being, everything is sweet news for India.

Pakistani leaders and generals need American money to enrich themselves

But India should not think and believe that because of this incident, US-Pakistan relations will deteriorate beyond redemption. Pakistan or more exactly Pakistani generals and politicians need American money. The millions of dollars America pours into Pakistan are pocketed by powerful generals, politicians, officers and businessmen. America also knows this but pretends that it does not know it. Past and present Pakistani leaders and army generals have fat Swiss Bank accounts with the ill gotten wealth. While Pakistan as a nation languishes in poverty, these influential people have swelled their prosperity and wealth beyond imagination. American money serves this purpose enormously. While China also helps Pakistan financially and materially, Chinese money is not handed over without conditions. For example, if China is helping Pakistan with a defence project, Chinese military engineers arrive in Pakistan, supervise and complete the project. Pakistan gets only the project and the benefits, not money. In other words, Pakistani leaders and generals cannot enrich themselves through Chinese money, but can do with American finance.

Pakistan wants to extract its pound of American flesh

Therefore Pakistan will definitely not break its relations with US under any circumstance. Let India and China know this truth. Pakistan is protesting and shouting from the rooftop for one good reason. It wants to fully utilise the latest catastrophe to extract its pound of flesh from the USA. It wants America to pay the right price for the death of the soldiers. In fact Pakistan is not interested in obtaining any condolence or apology from Obama. What can Pakistan do with such a condolence of apology? Their bank accounts will not swell because of that. All they want is more money, more dollars coming their way. As more and more Pakistani people come to the streets, get emotional, protest and burn American flag, Pakistani leaders will quote this anger among the people and try to secure more money from America. This is a clever game plan. For the layman, it will appear that US-Pakistan relations are at a threshold of break point. But the relations will never break. It is all a good drama enacted by Pakistan to fool its own people. If China and India think that Pakistan will break its relations with USA, then they are living in a fool’s paradise.

NATO forces kill 24 Pakistani soldiers

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NATO forces killed 24 Pakistani soldiers here


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