Laziness as a Disease of the Modern Man


The modern society and our way of living presents so many different problems, but one of the most dangerous ones is the fact that we, as humans, are starting to be more and more lazy - lazy in terms of wanting to do only what we absolutely have to and taking interest in only a limited number of things. On the other hand, we value versatility very much and praise people that are versatile. When we think about it, people have been giving up on so many activities over the course of history, and we today have a pattern of living that most of us live according to. This is the following: we are born, we go to school, we study something, we do what we have studied our entire lives, without even having the desire to learn and explore more than we have to. I don’t know about you, but I see this as a big problem.

Why Do We Avoid Doing Anything That Seems a Bit Harder?


The modern man has an inexplicable fear of anything new and anything that seems hard to do. If this had been the case with the first man, we would still be living in caves and eating raw meat. The reason for this is the fact that we, as a human race, have to constantly grow intellectually in order to keep evolving. Evolution is a process, and we are currently trying to stop it!

Now, the reason why the modern man doesn’t want to do anything new and anything that seems harder is the fact that we all want to be able to do only one thing, do the thing we do well enough and let someone else do the thing we don’t know to do, because he or she is qualified to do it. This is why there are people who don’t even know how to change a light bulb, let alone make something with their own two hands.

DIY Projects Can Really Help


Why is it so hard to imagine yourself doing everything around the house men used to do in the old days? For instance, we now have dozens of different handymen and all of them are strictly specialized for doing only certain things such as plumbing, electrics, glass repair and so on. On the other hand, it used to be that the man of the house did all of these tasks himself, thus spreading his horizons in terms of practical knowledge, and also saving some money.

Knowing this, it wouldn’t hurt if we started to act like out fathers and grandfathers used to. The best way of achieving this is by embracing the once very popular art of DIY, which is becoming more and more popular each and every day.

Instead of picking up the phone and calling someone to do it for you, you should start doing things yourself. There is a powerful tool available to us today, and this tool was not available to out ancestors – this tools is the internet. Using the internet, you can learn to do literally anything you wish, and you can do it by following the guidelines found online. For instance, if you need to fix your car, you can find all the information on how to do it on the internet.

In order to become better people and in order to keep growing and evolving, we have to get rid of the laziness and start doing things ourselves. Instead of buying a bookcase, we should try to make one ourselves; instead of calling the repairman to fix our kitchen sink, we should try to do it ourselves. Although these tries won’t always be successful, we will at least be able to say that we gave it our best.

"I'm lazy as a man can be..."

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profile image

wwolfs 5 years ago

You have some interesting points. I believe we as a society do tend to want to specialize in doing only certain things and leaving the rest for someone else. (I too have my share of days of being guilty of this laziness.) However, I couldn't agree more that the internet has become a powerful tool of knowledge with information at your fingertips for many uses. The list is countless! Thanks for sharing.

nemanjaboskov profile image

nemanjaboskov 5 years ago from Serbia Author

Thanks for the comment, wwolfs.

I agree with you about the internet offering us countless options and there is no reason why we shouldn't use all of the available information.

Rickd83 profile image

Rickd83 5 years ago

Absolutely agree. There are so many people these days that don't want to roll up their sleeves and work. This is especially true of young people in Britain!

nemanjaboskov profile image

nemanjaboskov 5 years ago from Serbia Author

Rick, I'm glad you feel the same way... I just hate it when people stick to one thing and one thing only, as well as when they are too lazy too do anything they haven't done before.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment!

christopheranton profile image

christopheranton 5 years ago from Gillingham Kent. United Kingdom

I wish I had your spirit. Even flat pack furniture fazes me, and what happens all the plumbers and carpenters, that will be put out of work if I acquire all these DIY skills?

Seriously, you do make a valid point there. We all have become too lazy.

nemanjaboskov profile image

nemanjaboskov 5 years ago from Serbia Author

Hi, Chris!

Well I gotta say that I could always use some of the old "practice what you preach" :) In general, I do believe in what I've written here, but I often forget it and lack that can-do spirit...

Nevertheless, trial and error is a concept I have never liked until recently, and I really believe in it now. After all, there is really nothing to lose if you try and fail, but there is a lot you can lose if you don't even try.

Thank you so much for your honest comment, Chris. I always like to hear what you have to say :)

Johann Tetreault profile image

Johann Tetreault 5 years ago from Tampa, Florida

This is an amazingly wonderful hub. It makes me laugh. Great stuff because its so true.

nemanjaboskov profile image

nemanjaboskov 5 years ago from Serbia Author

Thanks, man!

I really had a great time writing it, and I do believe in everything I said here... We all need to get off our asses and do something, anything or even everything - depends on the situation :)

lisadpreston profile image

lisadpreston 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

I agree completely that people, especially the younger generation, are soooo lazy. I instilled in my sons or rather their father did, a strong work ethic and he taught them how to do all things handyman. Now I have to say, some things really do require an expert. I had my oldest son put brakes on my car. I drove all the way to Las Vegas from Ohio and back only to find out that he put them on backwards or upside down or something. I don't know how I made it.

Good hub and I'm glad to see you, a, young person, caring about laziness.

nemanjaboskov profile image

nemanjaboskov 5 years ago from Serbia Author

Lisadpreston, thanks for your comments, they are appreciated!

Yes, you are right that there are some things that should not be done by just anyone, but there are indeed a lot of things that we can do by ourselves.

weestro profile image

weestro 4 years ago from Virginia

Great hub with great points nemanja, I am sometimes amazed at the laziness of some people! Voted up and awesome.

nemanjaboskov profile image

nemanjaboskov 4 years ago from Serbia Author

Pete, thanks for your comment! Yes, laziness can really be a problem, and it is probably one of the worst traits we can have.

Thanks for the votes.

profile image

An AYM 4 years ago

Every generation succeeding the last looks for little ways to refine what is already there, but at some point I think this turned from advancement to frivolity. It took me a while to appreciate why my dad's response whenever I asked him for help with something was to look it up so I can do it myself.

I think we have too much wealth and ease. Not that being comfortable is bad or anything, it's just so much easier to be lazy when you don't have to apply yourself to the dirt to raise your food or your home.

nemanjaboskov profile image

nemanjaboskov 4 years ago from Serbia Author

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, an AYM. I think you are right when you say that we have it easy, and this is exactly why we should try to fight off this disease called laziness...


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