H1N1 Man Made Disaster

Lewis Farrakhan is one of the great leaders of the Nation of Islam.  He is most recognized in the ghettos of the larger cities in the United States of America.

This past week Mr. Farrakhan addressed a large gathering celebrating The Day of Atonement.  During this speech he made certain comments that have outraged many across our nation.

Be that as it may, for the first time I am in agreement with Mr. Farrakhan.  I have never before agreed with him, so this is a first for me. I am sure that as this story develops many of my fellow citizens will also agree with him.

During his speech, Mr. Farrakhan advanced the theory that the vaccine for the H1N1 flue was designed to kill most people taking it.  He pointedly said that the powers that be developed this vaccine to kill people because the world is over populated.  He said that the world can no longer feed its population.

Mr. Farrakhan is a highly respected leader among the black community.  And, we know for a fact that all leaders do what is in the best interest of their followers.  Mr. Farrakhan is no different.

Mr. Farrakhan has devoted his life to helping the Black Muslim Nation.  It would not be fair to him or his life’s work to disobey his carefully thought out advice.

Mr. Farrakhan is advocating that Muslims not get the vaccine for the H1N1 flue.  I could not agree with him more.  Muslims should not get the flue vaccine, especially those Muslims in favor of holy war. 

As for me, I am ready to die for my country. I will take the H1N1 vaccine and gladly die for a country that has given me everything.  If you are Black or Muslim DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE.  Listen to your Leader Mr. Farrakhan.

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jiberish profile image

jiberish 7 years ago from florida

Well, I'm neither black or Muslim, but they can take the H1n1 shot and stick it where the sun don't shine. Thanks!

matnav1 6 years ago

I refused to take it and am getting an Other than Honorable discharge from the Air National Guard in June. My religious beliefs do not allow me to take it. I am not Black or Muslim but believe in clean/unclean. Keep the Holy days and understand the importance of not taking this vaccine. I don't follow Mr. Farrakhan. I have to say he has a valid point. have to ask anyone taking the shot..Do you really know what the WHO has given you?

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