Modern Liberal Ideology Is Seriously Flawed

Modern Liberal Ideology is seriously flawed

I firmly believe that the liberal ideology in America today is slowly destroying the country from the inside. This does not mean all Democrats or that I am referring to a certain person, but rather the ideas that they have come to stand for. The United States is a center-right country and has been for a long time. The primary reason is the older you get, the more conservative you get, and we have a larger population of older people than younger people. I am also not saying the United States is a conservative country, so please do not say that I am. In our current political climate, liberal ideology has begun to transform America into a different country. Economics, domestic affairs, and foreign policy are the main areas where the liberal ideology goes radically astray.

            The most pressing issue in both the United States and the rest of the world is the economy. Well with American liberals in power, we have begun to witness the shift towards a European style country. Bailing out private companies and providing stimulus money is not what this country is about or stands for. Those are tenets of a socialistic program and was one of the first things that changed when the powers at be took office this year. There are even calls to nationalize the banking system. Raising taxes, under the guise of environmental protection, is currently underway and the true nature behind this movement is not being shared with people. The goal of the cap and trade legislation is to force an energy tax on Americans and to increase the role of government in all aspects of our lives. Congress is now debating how to provide healthcare coverage for the lower class and illegal immigrants. The problem seems to be funding, but this is where the middle class comes in. Democrats want to tax the private health insurance benefits that American receives, except if you are in a union. Liberalism has always called for the “redistribution of wealth,” which is what this exactly is. How is it fair for 250 million people to have to be further taxed to pay for the other 50 million, a large number who aren’t American citizens? It is not fair. The environment, healthcare “reform,” tax increases, takeovers of private companies, and bailouts are all pillars of what the modern liberal ideology has become.

            In terms of foreign affairs, it appears to be to avoid confrontation. Liberals have never been in favor of war and to flex muscle when needed. Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and other countries all pose some sort of threat to American interests. The response always appears to be to go to the United Nations. The U.N. does not do anything for us, but it is the way the liberals go about avoiding conflict. Closing down the GuantanamoBay prison for terrorists is another example of American liberal apologizing for the world when we have nothing to be sorry for. The prisoners there were treated better than they would have been in other countries. Apparently a new liberal thought is to give terrorists rights and to Mirandize them. Since when does a terrorist from Pakistan get the same rights as an American when they are not inside the United States? They don’t. We don’t receive rights from the barbarians who kidnap American citizens and behead them on television. Liberals do not seem to understand that we live in a different world and you need to have the guts to do whatever is necessary to protect the United States, the people living here, and our interests. You are not elected to serve the rest of the world and to apologize to them for us. You are elected to serve us, to keep us safe, and to do whatever is necessary to accomplish that.

            I do not hate liberals, nor should anyone. They serve an important role, as we all do. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and political thoughts, even if they are wrong. I come from a conservative line of thought, but I do not believe conservatives are right on everything or that liberals are wrong on everything. I look for what gets the job done, to make sure Americans are safe and prosperous, and for what makes the most sense for us to do. It just so happens that I believe that the modern liberal ideology is seriously flawed and will end up hurting our country.


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Comments 5 comments 7 years ago

"Democrats want to tax the private health insurance benefits that American receives...

People should have been paying taxes on what employers pay for their health insurance all along. People get to take deductions for some medical expenses on their income tax returns after all

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

That's a cool graphic. I love what you said here using a calm tone. Thanks for this fine post.

garynew profile image

garynew 6 years ago from Dallas, TX and Sampran, Thailand

Will Obama's apology tour for how bad America is ever end? If he really thinks America is that bad, why don't he just give it back to the Indians? Native Americans! Gotta be PC! profile image 5 years ago from upstate, NY

I agree with everything you say, liberals believe in power and want the government involved in every area of our lives. I'm not sure I agree that liberals serve a purpose other than what not to be and what not to believe. Mixing socialism with capitalism has never worked but that doesn't seem to keep them from trying.

Liberals so fear discriminating against anyone that they've lost thier ability to think or judge what is right or wrong thats why in thier mind George Washington is no better than Yasser Arafat who sends 14 year olds to thier deaths by strapping bombs to them to kill innocent poeple.

Tom 5 years ago

Let's think about what you said right from the start. You state that the older you get, the more conservative you get. Old folks who want their medicare, medicaid, and social security are examples of new modern liberal ideologues who support the idea of positive freedom. Since the Progressive Era this has meant more government intervention in ones life to help the individual lead a better life. This is opposite of classical liberal ideology that supports negative freedom - or less intervention in ones life. Old folks are conservartive as long as you do not take away what LIBERALS in the 20th and 21st centuries have given them. As a liberal Washington was a great man. Yasser Arafat is more like Ann Coulter or Glen Beck.

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