More On Illegal Immigration (SB 1070)

The Judge has made a ruling on the legality of SB 1070 and a lot of people are unhappy.  The Judge could have ruled a number of different ways and still a lot of people would have been disappointed.

Although I am not in favor of illegal immigration I firmly believe that immigration laws are the purview of the federal government.   If we follow that doctrine then the Arizona law (SB 1070) as passed cannot stand.

If SB 1070 were allowed to stand, then we could possibly end up with a set of fifty different immigration laws, one set for each state.  This would in effect reduce our federal government to something similar to the European Union. This is a concept that our forefathers fought hard against.

Governor Jan Brewer has created a constitutional crisis.  She has created this crisis not for what is in the best interest of Arizona, but for what is best in her political interest.  She is a politician and as such is only interested in what is best for her. 

Governor Brewer had other options.  As Governor she could have declared a state emergency and activated the Arizona National Guard to seal off the border.  This would have excluded other politicians from taking some of the credit.  Without sharing the credit she could not get enough support for such an action.  Therefore, her only option was to create a constitutional crisis.

The federal government offered to send 1,200 troops to help seal the border.  This was unacceptable to her.  One has to wonder why, if the situation is so out of hand, the Governor refused to accept the offer from the federal government.  She could have accepted the offer and then requested more troops.
Governor Brewer will ride the wave of unrest she has created until there is no more benefit for her.  She will continue with her divisive scare tactics until she has taken every drop of political capital the situation has to offer, and then she will abandon Arizona.  Should anyone need an example, all one has to do is look at Sarah Palin.  What has she done for Alaska since running for VP?

The Governor has no plan, no long term strategy for dealing with the illegal immigration problem while at the same time protecting the citizens and economic climate of Arizona.  The Federal Government on the other hand has a plan whereby jobs and economic incentives for illegals are eliminated, thus bringing about an orderly self deportation by illegal aliens. 

We, the American people, are once again reduced to voting our fears.  Politicians have for some time now controlled our votes through the specters of faceless fears.  At one time it was the Russians.  A candidate’s stance on the cold war determined who got elected.  Then it was Viet Nam and the domino effect, if  Viet Nam falls the entire mid-east will fall.  And remember Cuba?  We have to contain Cuba or the entire western hemisphere will go communist. And who can forget those elusive WMD’s  that Iraq was hiding and preparing to use on us?

Jan Brewer and a few others will use the “Mexicans will get your job” fear to get elected, Of that there is no doubt.  Our federal government will handle this constitutional crisis as it has other crisis.  Our nation will survive, but at what cost?  The ill will that is being generated can last a life time.  How other nations see us and our deeds have a lasting effect.  We are a powerful nation. We need to set an example for other nations.  I pray the example is worth following. 

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HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

Great Hub. The Republicans and Far Right and grandstanding on this issue. This is so evil and short sighted. Millions of illegal immigrants have been here for a long time working and leading good lives. We need solutions to bring them out of the shadows while also implementing ways to stop the flow of new illegal immigrants. A more liberal immigration program would also help. I wrote a Hub outlining my proposed solutions. We need to stop demagoguing and start solving.

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