The Man Made Global Warming Fraud - The Biggest Hoax of All Time

Awakening to the Truth About the Man Made Global Warming Scam

Some years ago, when the spectre of global warming caused by human CO2 emissions first hit the headlines, I like most people, unquestioningly believed it. I went to see Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth”, and as a result I began to change my lifestyle so as to be more responsible in my use of energy, and to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

I switched off unused appliances and lights so as to use less electricity, turned off the shower when soaping, so as to use less water, changed my car for a smaller, more fuel efficient model, and then later, sold my car completely and used public transport.

In short, I was doing my bit to help the planet. It was not until the idea of carbon credit trading reared its head that I began to feel that something was not right. To me this was a completely lunatic idea. How could anyone buy the right to pollute the planet – and who could sell them that right? When I discovered that not only had Al Gore himself proposed this system, but also stood to make billions of dollars from brokerage fees in the trading of carbon credits, then it smelt very fishy indeed.

Then more scientists began to speak out about the true origins of global warming, and I began to see that there was in fact no proof that human Co2 emissions (carbon emission) have anything to do with global warming. It is a natural, cyclic phenomenon probably caused by the activity of the sun and has been going on for eons.

Then there were the leaked emails, the so called “Climategate” clearly showing that the nucleus of scientists supporting Al Gore’s Co2 idea had in fact been falsifying information for years.

Then there was Lord Monckton who actually analysed the 180 plus page document and revealed the real agenda behind the Copenhagen Treaty, that is, global governance by a body of unelected commissioners.

I have now changed my mind. For me, this amounts to a huge swindle, a scam, the mother of all hoaxes. There is now a growing awareness that this all is about political control and money. Big money. I am not a scientist and cannot argue the ins and outs of the subject, but if you take the time to watch the videos included with this article, you can judge for yourself. There are now many, many scientists who are speaking out and acknowledging the scam. The evidence is all over the Internet.

But time is short. The Copenhagen Treaty was not signed, but Obama and those who control him will not wait long before trying a different approach to achieve their goals. One thing is certain. These people will not give up. They will be back with the same agenda under another name.

The Truth about the Copenhagen Treaty and Global Warming

It is time to wake up to what is really happening, and say No!

Man Made Global Warming in Action
Man Made Global Warming in Action

There is no Global Warming Crisis

My reason for writing this article is not that I have any hidden agenda, but that I have an intense dislike of being manipulated, lied to, and treated like a fool.

The whole “human caused global warming” idea is a fraud, and we are all the unwitting pawns in a chess game for which the prize is the control of the planet under the New World Order, and the World Government, something the Bilderberg Group have been steadfastly and furtively working towards for over 50 years. This world government will be appointed, not elected, can not be removed from office and will not be held accountable to anyone, but will be controlled from behind the scenes by the power elite. This is absolute power, and as we know absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The “human caused global warming crisis” with its associated carbon credit offsets trading is just a big, unscrupulous, fraudulent business. Worse still, on the back of this artificially created global crisis, this hoax, the people and governments of the world are being asked to agree to massive new taxation, (which will not be paid to their own governments, but to the United Nations),  and the surrender of their national sovereignty to this new World Government. This is what the Bilderberg group want, for the UN to become the World Government, which they will control.

There is an excellent article which explains the historical background to this hoax, and others like it, by Michael Rivero . Here is the link to the full article

Now You Know, What Will You Do?

So, wake up people and look at the big picture. Incredible though it may seem, human caused global warming is a scam, a swindle, a hoax of monumental proportions. The evidence is in the videos linked into this article. Please take the time to watch them. Global warming is not mad-made. It is a natural cycle. Global warming, and global cooling have happened many times in the past and the earth, and its people, have survived, recovered, and even flourished.

Sadly, however, unless we put an end to this monstrous lie now, our lives as we now know them will not survive. We are giving away our freedoms, and once lost, they may never be recovered.

"All that evil needs to win is that the good do nothing" - Edmund Burke

Will you do nothing?


Not copyrighted. Please circulate freely.

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Sanxuary 2 years ago

I would not doubt for a moment that someone would not use a disaster to benefit from it. You know like big oil, coal companies the oil standard that replace the gold standard. Still if you burned close to half the worlds carbon in less then 100 years how could it not affect the environment? If we have triple the amount of carbon in the air how does it not have some effect? Perhaps they are covering up the polar shift or planet x or something. Maybe its the big hoax you our talking about. If the Ocean rises three feet will that change your mind? At what point does an ostrich pull its head out of the sand and goes damn something is changing. If big business and the government has done everything to deny it until recently, there covert plan has been pretty lousy up to this point. When I was young I thought we were getting smart about clean living and we are more polluted then ever. It was not great 30 years ago but its way worst now. I would have to be deaf, mute and blind to ignore the obvious. If no one was saying anything it would be disturbing. Still no one listened to Noah what could we expect from this World.

sannyasinman profile image

sannyasinman 2 years ago Author

Ralph, what you are suggesting is akin to us arguing about how we should prune a tree,, whilst all the while someone is chopping away at the trunk.

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 2 years ago

How do you feel about gravity? Evolution v. Creationism? Whether Obama was eligible for the presidency? Whether he is a Christian or a secret Muslim?

lumen2light profile image

lumen2light 3 years ago from Aberdeenshire, Scotland

I am not sure man made global climate change is a scam or a hoax, but I totally agree that the big corporations and wealthy business men are using it as an excuses to make even more money, and the politicians are rolling along with them for financial and political reasons. These people are taking away the importance of our world for personal gain.

Carbon credits are one of the many lunatic ideas. The Kyoto protocol which is supposed to reduce emissions, excludes those countries that produce the most.

thost profile image

thost 3 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

Great Hub, I will vote this one up. "Global Warming" has been proven false; the world is not getting warmer. Therefore, they changed the name to "Climate Change". Everyone knows the climate is changing every minute of the day, open a door and you cool down or warm up your house. The idea behind all of this hype is to create a world tax. And they have done that. They call it a “Carbon Tax” and countries are signing up to this new world tax. I work for an energy company and we must buy carbon credits to be allowed to generate electricity. This extra cost is passed onto the consumer.

Just another tax, and you know tax is theft.

Caesar 3 years ago

No one talks of Man Made Global Warming anymore . becaese there is none, and there never was. All a LIE

wow 3 years ago

what a load of baloney!

a man 4 years ago

Theresa 4 years ago

good job!:)

Larry Fields profile image

Larry Fields 5 years ago from Northern California

Voted up. I do have a scientific background. Several years ago, I was inclined to accept the conventional wisdom. Then the AGW rhetoric became increasingly shrill, just like the WMD-in-Iraq rhetoric. And my crap detectors started chirping.

I went to Wikipedia for more background, and stumbled across statements, like such-and-such a person accepted money from a tobacco company. WTF?

However I was impressed by some of the skeptic websites, like and And now I'm a hard-boiled AGW bah humbug.

I've even done a bit of informal but original climate history research in the Northern Sierra Nevada mountains, in California.

DonDWest profile image

DonDWest 5 years ago from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Great Hub! Voted up and selected “interesting.”

Unfortunately, the environmental/global warming "movement" has taken on a whole new life of its own. I would go to say it's now a religion; and once you're in, it's hard for people to break out. They've literally sucked up the entire demographic of people under the age of 30. It's quite frightening; it's literally the largest hoax in the history of science. . . It makes the Nazi scientists and tobacco scientists look like teddy bears by comparison.

I recently wrote a satiric Hub basically mocking the audacity of the entire movement. Consider it comic relief of a very serious subject matter.

I've always known this was a hoax for a long time, unfortunately my thoughts and feelings on the subject matter have been somewhat suppressed because my ENTIRE FAMILY believes in the lie. . .

Secretly, I breathed a HUGE SIGH of relief when the carbon taxation didn't pass in Copenhagen. That would have been game over in the name of human liberty then and there. We simply wouldn't have been able to recover from a global carbon tax. Although make no mistake; Copenhagen failing to pass just bought us some time. Now two years later, I wouldn't be surprised if another attempt was made and it passed. Especially considering the disaster that happened in Japan, no doubt it will be milked to death. . . Never mind the fact earthquakes (followed by tidal waves) have NOTHING to do with global warming/cooling, or even the weather for that matter. Next, I’ll have to write a political/scientific satire explaining to the masses how tectonic plates work. . .

MikeNV profile image

MikeNV 5 years ago from Henderson, NV

Thanks for the article. Voting up. The reality is there would be no mass media or governmental push behind this hoax if it were not for the behind the scenes push for Global Carbon Credit exhanges. Just another tax on the people. If there were not enormous profits behind this fraud the hoax would die.

Science... right. The same science that had Time Magazine declaring in 1974 we are headed for a Global Freeze. I guess "Scientists" in 1974 were just too stupid to get their facts straight. Scientists back then had barely sent a man safely to and from the moon... what did they know?

Thankfully scientists today can be bought and sold like Politicians to do and say whatever they puppet masters want them to say. And the Banker run media can stifle the voices of real scientists who are not bought and sold.

All in the name of profit. Remove the profit incentive and you see the fraud widely exposed.

I'd vote this up twice if I could.

Tom Sanders 6 years ago

Sir I am impressed by your information. Im glad to see people who bought into the system then learned it was all lies. I am also like you sir keep up the godo work

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 6 years ago

Apparently you want only a one-sided discussion. Not very scientific.

wildstuff 6 years ago

Excellent article and comments. It's being exposed.

Jackson 6 years ago

The more Al Gore lies the fatter his waller gets. Global Warming has got to be the biggest hoax perpetuated on mankind. It's a crime and Al Gore should pay. People who are on the Global Warming bandwagon are either liberal democrats or are just completely gullible and incredibly stupid. They need to put Al Gore Away he is like a tick that gets fatter and fatter because the host can't get to him.

sannyasinman profile image

sannyasinman 6 years ago Author

muslima61 - yes, awareness is growing. There are more and more people around the world who are opening their eyes and seeing the global warming fraud for what it is. A gigantic scam with trillions of dollars at stake. Plus it is the ideal vehicle to scare the world into accepting a World Government, a stated objective of those who would enslave and control us.

muslima61 profile image

muslima61 6 years ago from manchester UK

i've been saying the same for years, its really nice to know others agree :)

opit 6 years ago

Even what you already know about 'Global Warming' has not touched on the same exposes I have been tracking...of which there are many. CFACT,Global and Climategate are my current favourites. I started posting on AWG Dec 4 at my site, noting a LaRouche article which showed up again Dec 20 covering the disinformation scam dealing with foreign policy and the NPT.This morning a lovely grouping of scam exposing links showed up at Invisible Opportunity,which referred to a post at

Hxprof 6 years ago from Clearwater, Florida

You've done a good job summing up the BIG LIE-human caused global warming. It's these kinds of 'crises' that will be used everywhere to centralize power within countries and across borders.

sannyasinman profile image

sannyasinman 6 years ago Author

itakins - please share this with whoever you like, and ask them to share it too.

itakins profile image

itakins 6 years ago from Irl

I have to agree with DiamondRN-re. the UN-especially unfpa-it stinks to high heaven.

itakins profile image

itakins 6 years ago from Irl


This is like music to my ears-I never believed it;there are so many dirty works afoot.It's an appalling abuse,not least in the developing countries where they are busy reducing family sizes-the aim being to get the world population down to 10% of what it is now!!-all in the interest of the planet-I think not.

I have to add to this and express concern when I see church hierarchy involved -it is now a 'mortal' sin to pollute the planet-something very rotten going on.

I'm going to share this ,if you don't mind ,with a few appreciative people!

DiamondRN profile image

DiamondRN 6 years ago from Charlotte, NC USA

Good to see that you have come to this conclusion on your own. I am a pharmacist with a strong background in organic and bio-chemistry, biology and physics. I have been aware of this for a long time. Climate change nee global warming is a hoax that has been perpetrated on the rest of the world for far too long. It appears that people are starting to wake up, but there is far too much money involved in fees for the power brokers for climate change skeptics to let up yet. Articles like this are very important. Thank you for writing this. I find it hard to believe that Al Gore and Gordon Brown and men like him can be so incredibly selfish. They don't care about the world. All they appear to care about is the billions of dollars in research grants and carbon-trading fees that these lies have perpetuated. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut; but, the United Nations and the World Bank that was created to handle this transfer of wealth from rich nations to the third world are important pieces of the puzzle that could/will eventually become the Socialistic dream of One World Order, completely undermining the sovereignty of the United States by an unelected government. Thank you again.

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