Notre Dame And Abortion


The hypocrites at Notre Dame will graduate and somehow be integrated into a society in which they are in complete disagreement. The Christian right will celebrate an increase in their numbers. It would have been so much more fitting if they had invited Rush Limbaugh to give the commencement address. Or perhaps the notorious Newt Gingrich would have proven to be more in keeping with their beliefs.

While high on drugs Rush Limbaugh called for the death penalty for all drug users. Newt Gingrich touts family values even as he committed adultery not once, not twice but three times. And now he claims to embrace the Catholic values (faith).

This whole sordid affair appears to be over the fact that the Christian right wants a government much like that of the Taliban. A government ruled by church leaders with laws that comply with bible teachings.

It seems that the Christian right has yet to get over the fact that morals are not a function of the government. Morals are a function of the church. Churches should teach their members Christian values. When a person strays from the teachings of the church it is not the fault of government. It is the fault of the church.

Congress does not and should not involve its self in the legislation of morals. On the other hand, churches do get involved in politics more than should be allowed. And, as in all things, it’s not what you do or know that counts, but who you know that makes a difference. Many parishioners in Fort Worth, Texas are not allowed to take communion. Some because they supported Barack Obama for President others because they have been married more than once.

For those that supported Barack Obama for President this is called “separation of state and church”. If you voted for Barack Obama you will be separated from the church.

For those that have been married more than once and are not allowed to take communion, this is the pay up or go to hell part of the bible. For a sizeable fee the church will create a divorce that is recognized by God and once again you will be able to participate in communion. To be sure Newt Gingrich makes big donations to the church. Therefore he is entitled to receive communion regardless of what he does.

So what is it with the students at Notre Dame? Why are they so set against President Barack Obama delivering the commencement address? Firstly, President Obama is also against abortion. But he is also against imposing his morals upon the rest of the population. That is to say he feels that if you want to go to hell, that is your decision to make, not his. President Obama is clearly leading through example. This is something the church has failed to do for a very long time.

We have a President that clearly believes in God. We have a President that clearly lives by the morals found in the bible. We have a President that is responsible. We have a President that clearly believes in the constitution of the United States of American. And yes, we have a President that above all, believes in the personal freedoms guaranteed to all citizens by our constitution.



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