Organic Foaming Hand Soap

Pamper Yourself with the Luxurious Organic Hand Soap from Chartreuse!

Did you know natural plant oils become pure soap when combined with alkaline water? This foaming hand soap from Chartreuse is made using certified organic oils blended at precise temperatures with an alkali solution. Most "soaps" aren't soaps at all, but rather cheap petrochemicals that are much cheaper than actual soap. Chartreuse uses high quality organic ingredients in their foaming hand soap that you can count on!

You can find this organic foaming handsoap in lavender, lemongrass and unscented varieties.

A huge benefit of this organic hand soap is that it is NOT tested on animals. A word of warning: this hand soap is mildly addictive! The foaming natural cleansers in this soap will leave your hands soft and silky without the use of chemical foaming agents or boosters. Take a pass on the artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, animal products, and their byproducts. Scented in luscious lemongrass or soothing lavender or left naturally unscented for especially sensitive souls.

Organic Foaming Hand Soap $7.95

Refills are only 5.95!

A passion for recycling

Chartreuse pays close attention to recycling. When orders are shipped out, recycled peanuts and biodegradable peanuts are used!

What customers have said about the organic foaming hand soap...

...less harshness on the hands, and a more pleasant, natural smell! Customers love the refillable pouches that you can reorder this soap in too. The lemongrass scent gets rave reviews.

Unique Eco Chic Products from Chartreuse!

Unique Eco Chic Products from Chartreuse!
Unique Eco Chic Products from Chartreuse!

Recommended Reading on Green Topics - There's excellent information in these books to be a little greener!

The use of organic products reduces pesticde use and is better for your skin!

The use of organic products reduces pesticde use and is better for your skin!
The use of organic products reduces pesticde use and is better for your skin!

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Handsoap hurts dolphins?

Why antibacterial soap is so bad...

Recent studies have shown triclosan showing up in marine life off the coast of South Carolina. This chemical found in antibacterial soap and is running off into the environment and into our oceans. Chatreuse's organic foaming hand soap DOES NOT contain triclosan.

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Organic Facial Creams, Body Lotions, Reusable Produce Bags,

biodegradable trash bags, organic room sprays...these are just a few of the unique products offered from Chartreuse. Start your shopping experience today!

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ZenandChic profile image

ZenandChic 8 years ago

I do have a green lens. This is a nice lens.

ASCW 8 years ago

Cool lens. I heard about some guys who were using vinegar as an all natural soap. Would that work with what you're doing? I think it would be cool if they could use their solutions and make foam out of it. I'm writing about it in my All Natural Soap Blog

eclecticeducati1 profile image

eclecticeducati1 7 years ago

I had never heard of this. Thanks for the info! 5*

HenryEgg 7 years ago

This information is very helpful and makes me rethink the soap purchases I've been making. Well done!


nettie3444 7 years ago

Hi pictures say a thousand words. Our water ways are becoming more polluted everyday. I wrote a complete article about it. It's good to see that there are people trying to educate other people that what they do matters. Great lens!

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