Organic Herbal Tea Body Lotion

Soothing Body Lotion with Aromatic Organic Tea and Essential Oils

Ingredients like organic aloe vera juice, organic coconut oil, organic rooibos tea extract, organic blue green algae, and some essential Vitamin E in this Organic Herbal Tea Lotion will leave your skin feeling renewed, refreshed, invigorated, and best of all, hydrated, chemical free.

Certified Organic botanicals!

How often do you find ingredients like aloe juice, chamomile, coconut oil, rose water, almond oil, green tea extract, and chickweed extract as the MAIN ingredients of a lotion? Proudly disclosed are all of the natural ingredients (like lavender distillate and milk thistle) right on the label!

The ultimate in soothing hand, face and body lotion, utilizing natural healing and soothing properties of a carefully selected bouquet of organic teas and herbs to revitalize thirsty skin. It is pH balanced and gentle enough to use as facial moisturizer. Available in the scents of Soothing Lavender, Luscious Lemongrass, Naturally Unscented. Click here to get started shopping!

Why the high price? Only all natural and organic ingredients are used in this high quality herbal tea lotion. Most large cosmetic companies use cheap filler, non organic products and potentially cancer causing chemicals. This lotion does not!

Never tested on animals. No artificial colors or fragrances.

Never tested on animals. No artificial colors or fragrances.
Never tested on animals. No artificial colors or fragrances.

A Greener Shipping Method

Refillable bottles, reused packaging material and starch peanuts are just some of the eco friendly shipping practices Chartreuse uses to be a little greener in their shipping methods!

Up Close: Organic Herbal Tea Lotion from Chartreuse!

Up Close: Organic Herbal Tea Lotion from Chartreuse!
Up Close: Organic Herbal Tea Lotion from Chartreuse!

Great natural scents without the chemicals...

Customers love Chartreuse's herbal tea body lotion. For the hands, body, wherever, this lotion lacks greasy buildup and hard to pronounce chemicals. The lemongrass is a potent, natural scented moisturizer that works well year-round, and actually moisturizes instead of just greasing the skin up.

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Guestbook - Have you tried the organic herbal tea lotion? Be sure to tell us about it if you have! 4 comments

cjsysreform profile image

cjsysreform 7 years ago

Great lens! 5* and lensrolled to Natural Skin Care and Beauty for Women.

perfumelover lm profile image

perfumelover lm 7 years ago

Wow these sound really great. Wish I could get my hands on some.

greenerme profile image

greenerme 7 years ago Author

[in reply to perfumelover] Thanks! Visit and click for shop for products to find the herbal tea lotion.

scar4 6 years ago

Does this herbal tea lotion have strong fragrance, I prefer lotion with light scent!

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