Out With The Old - In With The New

All the big executives have now lined up at the treasury department with their silver cups hoping to receive their “fair” share of the government bailout. They came in all their splendor and glory. Most arrived in $40,000,000.00 dollar (forty million dollars) luxury jets.

None of these applicants for government welfare have a home in foreclosure. All of them will have a nice Thanksgiving dinner on November 27. None of these men purchase used cars or used washers and dryers. I have yet to see one of them shop at a resale store (formally known as a “second hand store”). None have missed a paycheck to date.

All the dog and pony shows aside, they are correct in that they simply do not have sufficient cash on hand to live the life they are accustomed to living. This is not the fault of the government. It is not the fault of the taxpayer. For years the government has tried to give direction and advise to the “Big 3”.

We the taxpayers for years have longed for cars that get better gas mileage. But the “Big 3” insisted on producing gas guzzling cars. Instead of designing better mileage cars they hired very expensive lobbyists to counter the measures congress asked of them.

For years they have resisted the public’s call for alternative fuels. Their Research and Development departments ignored much of the data related to alternative fuels. The public knows that if we can put a man on the moon, we can certainly develop fuels other than carbon based (oil).

So now after years of ignoring the public. After years of collecting big bucks. After years of mismanagement. The executives at the “Big 3” want public welfare.

Not only do they want public welfare but they have a hostage!! The executives from the “Big 3” did not come as my Dad would say “..with hat in hand” asking for help. No. They came insisting, demanding and yes even threatening.

The threat? “Give us money or we will put over a million (1,000,000) people out of work”. The issue is not up for discussion. This is not a request. The only issue to be discussed is how we are going to get our money.

The one thing every one seems to forget is that nature does not like vacuums. Further more, no one is indispensable. If the auto makers were to fail, it would create a vacuum, a void, an unfilled need. And where there is a need, there will always be someone to fill that need.

It is true that many jobs will be lost. It is also true that many jobs will be created. If we have to import cars, those cars will have to be serviced. They will have to be repaired. Spare parts for the imports will have to be stocked. A whole new way of marketing for the auto will take place. All those new activities will generate new jobs.

Let us not be afraid of moving forward. It is not that long ago that we had people making wooden wheels and wooden wagons and buggy whips. That industry died out and many lost their jobs. In the process a new industry was born.

Progress insists that something be given up. If we are to know life we must also know death. Progress is a cycle of old and new, life and death. Let us put the past where it belongs, in the past, in memory. Now let us look forward to progress, to the future, to dreams fulfilled and be not afraid.


Pancho Villa - a bleeding heart liberal Revolutionary. Work with nature - plant a tree for more oxygen and less pollution.


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