Sara Palin VS David Letterman


Sara Palin and David Letterman Thank goodness the country has nothing better to do. A has been politician and a has been late night comedy show host. Both doing their best to attract the attention of a reluctant audience.

David Letterman, an over the hill late night comedy show host (better known as a bottom feeder) will jump on any subject any where just to keep his show alive.

Sara Palin is the epitome of what we in Texas call “white trailer trash”. She pretends to take offense at something she knows is all too true. But let’s be clear on what is happening here.

If her daughter, Bristol, had kept her legs together this would never have made the news. But when people place their lives in public view and then conduct themselves in a slutty manner, yes I said slutty, then what follows has to be expected.

Even more importantly, Sara Palin, a stanch Republican, would have all of us subscribe to her idea of “family values”. And just what are those values?

Apparently those Republican family values include letting children have sex. Her Republican family values also include not allowing children that are having sex access to information about birth control.

What is it they say about people that live in glass houses? According to Sara Palin forget that, just do as she says not as she does. According to Sara Palin all those family values rules are for the lower class, she, and her family, are above the rules.

David Letterman may be a dirty old man, even he admits that, but sometimes even dirty old men speak the truth.

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Ivan the Terrible profile image

Ivan the Terrible 7 years ago from Madrid

So didn't Palin also charge Alaska for working while at home, and other things like that? i seem to recall reading that in a U.S. newspaper. She also charged for cooks and drivers, even though she was at home doing her family values thing.

I don't blame her for what her daughter did - I have some horror stories of my own on that account! But if these family values are a centerpiece of a family, then it does seem as if maybe the kids don't really subscibe to what their parents are saying. Maybe mom & dad don't either? If after all one skims off the top, the kids think, well. mom is not doing what she preaches, so why do I have to?

Anyway it will be interesting to see if Ms. Palin runs again. It seems she has begun to already, but seems to be pissing off all her fellow Republicans.

Pancho Villa profile image

Pancho Villa 7 years ago Author

She seems to piss off everyone except Rush Bimbo. I think every time he takes his drugs he gets a thing for Sara.

Ivan the Terrible profile image

Ivan the Terrible 7 years ago from Madrid

Well, there was also some jerky dorkie who wrote a passionate poem for her, admitting he became all jiggy when saw her, and it sounded like something one would read in one of those back-alley sex shop magazines. You know, while the perv was slapping the monkey.

I have only had a few times to listen to this Lumbaugh guy, but I have read some things he writes and over here we would label him a fascist. He would even have his own political party, Franco's former intimates of the Falange, or the fascist J.O.N.S. Both were early Mussolini & Hitler-loving groups from the Spanish Civil War.

The Shark 7 years ago

Panco Villa is so right---thank God we have been so blessed to have such great role models and family values from the "progressives". I am trying so hard to model my life after the values they have given us. I try to teach my children these values every day. Yes I look at Bill Clinton---the model family man. So I have requested a young intern to work at my office this Summer, I only hope I can impart the same wisdom and fatherly advice on my intern as Bill did for his intern. Then there is the great lessons for the children, let's see, Joe Biden's kid has been a drug user, so he must have encouraged it. Why else would such a great moral Intellegent person have a kid that used drugs if not encouraged as part of his family value plan?

My kids will be glad to hear I am moving away from that foolish just Say No Policy. It's to much work anyway trying to preach that stuff all the time

Then there is the great lessons to be learned from Gov. Blagojevich, a true leader, why he must be, didn't he just get his own show Blagovivch Superstar? I will try to model my business behavior after his leadership. I will sell promotions to members of our staff. Why didn't I think of this before?? Staff manager goes to the highest bidder, no more boring interviews.

Do I have to pay taxes on that money? Apparently not if I follow the moral example of any of the Obama apointees. They under stand that paying taxes is for losers. Why it must be true, because look at Tim Geitner, he gets to be Treasury Secretary and "fix" the economy. Wow!!

That was a good one Mr. Obama--"fix" the economy, I get it, like the fix is in for all those loser tax payers.

I should have noticed this so long ago, how could I have been so blind?

I had example after example set for me right in my own backyard and I was blind to it. Talk about not being able to see the forest for the trees. Why my own state of MA has just had the third Speaker of the House indicted.

The first two were rewarded following their indictments, Bulger getting appointed as the President of the Univ. of MA. (think of what an edge those students have, learning the Progressive values from the best himself).

The there was Finnernan, he was indicted for obstrucion of justice, (he only redistricted to make sure he had a white majority to keep his seat, kind of like a community organizer).

But he got his reward, no jail time and is now a morning drive talk host on the biggest talk station in Boston. Yup, the "Progressives have figured this thing out. Now it's the third Speaker's turn, Speaker DaMasi, just indicted last week. It's a shame they have to wait for these foolish trials to end. Can't they just give him his reward now?

I tell you these "Progressives" have really helped me to see my wayward ways. To think for years I paid taxes, preached no drugs, no sex and work values to my kids. I even went to church on Sunday and listened to the priest preach love and forgiveness. What was I thinking?? The kind of church that the "Progressives" go to sounds so much more fun. Screaming about America's Chickens have come to Roost, and forget that boring God Bless America crap, no that rant about "God Dam America" is so exciting. I can not wait to find a church like this in my area. My kids are going to get a real kick out of this, they will never tell me church is boring again. I hope the church I find has a preacher screaming about Jews and Zions keeping control of the President. I can't wait to stand and scream along with him.

I wonder if my wife was ever proud of America, hmmmmmmI hope my intern wears a blue dress too.

The Shark---taking a bite out of liberalism

Ivan the Terrible profile image

Ivan the Terrible 7 years ago from Madrid

Dear Shark, such shenanigans are found in both parties, such as the recent antics by a Republican senator from Nevada and Newt Gingrich, as well as religious leaders such as the one who cried for cheating on his wife, or Jim Bakker who cheated on his wife Tammy.

The lack of ethics and keeping the zipper zipped is not party exclusive, my friend. And don't forget that Sarah Palin's daughter had sex and a baby out of wedlock. 150 years ago she'd have been ostracized by American moral society.

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