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Tree provides shelter and food for innumerable species of animals. In every single point of life somehow we are related with tree or tree products. We all are so used to about tree facilities that we even don’t think about importance of tree. Let’s take a short look on it.

Prevent Air Pollution
Water Protection
Soil Issue
Temperature & Heat
Economic Value

Prevent Air Pollution
Trees produce oxygen. A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year. It acts like a giant filter that cleans the air we breathe. It abates major noises from freeways and airports. And by this also reduce noise pollutions. By absorbing pollutants like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen dioxide tree also clean the air.

Water Protection
Slow the runoff of water from soil. Planting trees on the banks of the river help maintain water quality and protect aquatic animals.

Soil Issue
Trees filter sewage, chemicals, reduce the effects of animal wastes, clean roadside spills and so on. By tree and grass planting “Soil Erosion” can be controlled.

Temperature & Heat
Tree is best known for giving shade from sun rays. Even in winter tree help to reduce wind blow and work as a natural windbreaker. A windbreak can lower home heating bills up to 30%.

Economic Value
Tree gives us timber and other craft materials. Many people run their family depending on tree. Fruit, food, vegetables and even different types of raw material are produce by tree. Some oil, fuel and medicine also created by tree. Overall tree maintain a high economic value itself.

As we all know the importance of tree so we all should try together to save tree. So let’s plant a tree and save this world

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khaledamin124 5 years ago

really good.. we all should plant tree

alexisdream profile image

alexisdream 5 years ago

impotatn topic... voted up

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worldking 5 years ago

really awesome

khaledamindu profile image

khaledamindu 5 years ago

umon bhai kemon asen?

mejhappu kemon aso?

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Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

Very informative and true hub. Two thumbs way up.

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blueorpurple 5 years ago Author

thanks guys..

TopNonaa 4 years ago

I used this information on a persuasive essay!!!! every good and we all need to make a change, a difference in this world!! Go green!!!

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