It’s been a while since I have posted anything.  I guess because I am so angry at the policemen of America that I thought it best to hold back a bit.  But I think now is a good time to put into print what I see happening to our common citizens.

Towards the first of this year (2009) my wife and I decided to take a road trip.  It’s been about 10 or 12 years since we traveled this great country of ours.  I had planned on traveling during the day and blogging in the evening.  

On our first day about a hundred miles from home a highway patrolman stopped us, he said the motor home was weaving a bit within the lane so he wanted to know if we had been drinking.  We both answered “no” so he went on to ask us if we had any large sums of money or drugs or weapons.  We answered no to all his questions then he suggested that if we had none of what he was looking for then we should have no problem with him searching the motor home.

I stated to him that this is my second home and what probable cause did he have to search my home.  He responded that if we did not let him search the motor home he would arrest both me and my wife for investigation of drug smuggling, have the motor home towed and dismantled.

At this point let me say that I have never been arrested for anything in my life. My wife has never been arrested in her life either.  The policeman knew this because he ran our ID’s through his data base and everything came back empty.

Under threat of going to jail and the destruction of our motor home we decided to let him and his comrades search the motor home.  What a mistake!!  They jumped on the bed with their dirty muddy shoes.  They dumped the mattress on the floor.  They took everything in the closet and dumped it on the floor and walked all over it with muddy shoes.  They took all our folded clothes from the drawers and dumped it everywhere.  They opened new boxes of cereal we had stocked for the trip and stuck their dirty hands into the box.  They opened packages of meat we had in the freezer and just left it laying open and exposed on the table.We decided that the food might be contaminated so we just threw it out, about $180.00 dollars worth. 

These policeman were doing their best to antagonize and discourage anyone from traveling.  Once they were sure there was no contraband they then wanted to know where we were coming from, where we had been, where we were going, what we were going there for, and how we were planning on paying for the trip.  What were the names and addresses of those we would be visiting. How were they related to us. If they were not related then why would we be visiting them.

They then told us that they were looking for drug and money smugglers and that since they did not know us, they had to assume we were lying about everything.  They also admitted to profiling.  They said the average drug and money smugglers are couples, middle age to retired and most likely driving a motor home.  So it was their job to stop all motor homes and search them.  I said isn’t that against the law.  And his response was “Sometimes you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

We decided to continue our trip. We had been investigated and searched so that should be that. Right?  WRONG!!!  We were stopped and searched in Louisiana.  We were stopped and searched TWICE in Alabama and twice again in Georgia.  In Georgia the highway patrolman came to my window and said “I stopped you because you have an expired licence plate.”  I took my registration receipt from my sun visor and handed it to him and said “My licence plate expires the last day of April and it’s only February.”  And he said “Ok, I need to search the inside of your motor home.” 

Each and every time the policeman lied to justify the stop.  Their probable cause for searching the motor home was that if you don’t want to be searched then you must have some contraband on board.

This is the same as having the police knock on every door in the city and saying “We want to search your home. And if you don’t let us it must be because you have something to hide so we are going to arrest you while we investigate.”

While I was visiting the great city of Atlanta Ga I heard on the news where several policemen were awaiting sentencing. It seems they had a no-knock warrant for a house and they went to the wrong house.  They knocked down the door and went in shooting.  They killed a 94 year old woman.  But that wasn’t enough for them.  They went to a judge and swore they had purchased drugs at that house, without telling the judge what had happened, and got the judge to sign a no-knock warrant for that house.  But even that was not enough.  They then planted drugs in the house of the 94 year old woman and falsely swore on reports that the elderly woman they killed was a drug dealer.  YES THEY LIED.

My wife and I are victims of home grown, home trained, terrorist. They terrorized us and our pets in our own home, and they did it under color of authority.  It was nothing short of a “home invasion” conducted by those charged with preventing that very same thing. They lied and then defaced and destroyed our personal property. They held us against our will under threat of incarceration. Furthermore, I can see no reason why a policeman should take my wife’s panties and hold them up, one by one, for other officers to see that there is no contraband in them. 

Here is something else that really has me scared.  The policeman lied to justify pulling the motor home over.  How much more would it take for them to plant drugs in a motor home just to justify their illegal search?  Remember that they lied just to get the motor home to pull over.  They lied when they swore to a judge that they bought drugs at the home of the 94 year old elderly woman. Just as a court cannot trust anyone that has been proven a liar, we the citizens of this great country cannot trust those that would lie to further their careers. If the officers of law enforcement are going to assume that all citizens are out to break the law then we as citizens also have an obligation to assume that all policemen are lying and will plant drugs or other contraband on an individual just to justify their actions.

A policeman that would trash the constitution of the United States of America to make one more arrest is no better than those he has arrested.  In fact he is worse.  Most criminals have not taken an oath to up hold the constitution and laws of the United Stated.  When an officer of the law commits a crime he is not only committing the crime but he is violating the sacred oath of office and the trust the citizens of this great nation have placed in him.

I love my country. I am against drugs just as much as the next man.  But if law enforcement is going to accuse everyone and violate the constitution of the United States and plant evidence then I will side with the drug dealer, given this scenario the drug smugglers are the lesser of the two evils. 

Law enforcement officers have many tools with which to pursue those that are destroying our society.  I urge them to avail themselves of these tools provided to them by us through our congress and state legislatures. There is no need for an officer to violate the law unless that officer, deep down inside, is a criminal (terrorist).

If you feel as I do, that our constitution should not be violated, least of all by those charged with protecting it, then I urge you to send a copy of this article, or the url, to the State Attorney General of :

Also to your Congressperson

 I don’t know how many this has happened to but if it happened to me then it will happen to you.  I just hope it is not to late to assert the rights granted to each citizen by our constitution.  The longer we delay curbing these out of control criminals the more damage to our constitution they will do.

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earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

I am horrified by the treatment you received and would like to see some hard hitting TV station in America take up your case. This is the sort of thing that makes a 60 minutes type show take notice.

Pancho Villa profile image

Pancho Villa 7 years ago Author

Thanks earnestshub but these unlawful acts committed by lawenforcement are so common that most papers and tv shows just overlook them.

Eldritch Elegy profile image

Eldritch Elegy 7 years ago

I am so sorry for what you suffered at the hands of these individuals.

However, please don't let this destroy your faith in the men and women who DO enforce the law the way it was meant to be enforced. I myself am law enforcement, and I can assure you that me and my friends would never do anything like this.

Unfortunately, any "high power" position is bound to attract those attracted to power for its own sake. There are bound to be bullies, but that's no excuse. I agree that more should be done to keep these kinds of things from happening.

During training, we were taught by a retired officer who gave us some wonderful advice: "Every morning when you wake up, ask yourselves, 'Why do I deserve to do this job?'."

I live by that. I constantly remind myself that I'm there to serve YOU, not the other way around. I'm sure all my buddies feel the same.

However, I apologize on behalf of the people who do not ask themselves this. The ones who have forgotten, or who simply do not care.

Johnny Phipps profile image

Johnny Phipps 6 years ago from Indiana, United States of America

I agree with Eldritch, not all law enforcement treat citizens in the US this way and to stereotype their entirety like your title just seems slightly wrong. I'm glad you are standing up for your constitutional rights and the privacy of your property, but (most) of these men and women only seek to make our lives safer and saying all of them are lairs just doesn't seem fair.

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