Polygamy the antidote to hypocrisy

Polygamy the antidote to hypocrisy

The Hadees of the Prophet of God Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW is that:

That Muslin is fortunate who has a pleasant neighbourhood and pleasant neighbours, a spacious house and a fast moving means at his disposal.

Javed Chaudhary is a TV Anchor and he opened his TV talk show the other day by criticising the owners of large costly cars, the poor MPs. Little does he realise this is an Islamic practice to show gratitude to God owning comfortable fast cars, and wearing suits and good dresses and eating well when prosperity encompasses one’s being.

That one Wali who gave up throne for peace, for tranquillity to eschew rascality, the Prince of all the Muslims born 625 AD, martyred 670 AD in Medina, and not only Prince of the Muslims alone, but Prince of all the peoples of all the religions in the world, because no one in his princely manners was like him with the title of the Imam given by God and the title of the ‘Leader of the Youths of Paradise’ given by the Prophet of God, and Paradise was where men were sent to as their eternal abode in return for their good deeds and where all turned to the youth state and there were Hoors – the creations of light standing by to serve them, and of whom such fortunate, the Prince - the Imam from the noblest five of the creation was their leader. His other distinction was, he was brother of the Master of all the martyrs – the Sayedus Shohada, and his co-leader of the youths in Paradise, Imam Husain Als, and both of them grandsons of Prophet Mohammad Mustufa SAWW, and sons of those pious most of creation, Fatimah Zehra SUA and Wali-e Azam Hazrat Ali Als.

This bright light of creation was Imam Hasan Als and he dressed well, ate sumptuous meal himself and offered others in Dawats – the feasts what was best, and gave in charity as much as the entire belonging of his house. And his princely ways are known to have frequently divorced wives after payment of respectable compensation and decent provisions to them for their future living, when they were found their compatibility in correct faith was lacking, or they wavered in their faith content and had become lowly in the eyes of Shariat. And none of them could say the Imam was unkind to them over their period of the marriage with him.

If the living pattern of this Imam were to be followed there would be very few girls seen sitting in the houses and remaining unmarried all their lives. The practice of polygamy was to bring ease in marriages and introduce the norm of early marriages and sex in society not stopped but legalised and done with no shame element haunting the indulging but the fulfilment of ethics and conscious satisfied. And the pretence of chastity with inward pollution at zenith and show of false morality with the lurking towards sensuality was solved with polygamy, and hypocrisy was snubbed.

Polygamy was very much relevant to tackling the modern day problem due to permissiveness, when many, many girls were sitting in different societies unmarried and husbands were not found , but they were available if the marriage norms were changed. If the husbands were allowed to marry more than one wife, the social problem will be solved. Then to support this dictum there was the full backing from the Quran, and indeed from all the religions when looked into them with history opened of the messages sent by God through the Prophets for man to lay down his rule of conduct. The Quran says in Aayet 4.3:

And if you fear that you cannot act equitably towards the orphans, then marry such women as seem good to you, two and three and four, but if you fear you will not do justice (between them), then only one or whatever your right hand possesses (slave girls – the Kaneezen).

The God of universes stresses so much on adopting a married life and a pleasant life derived from it that the monasticism is forbidden for good, as the monk deprives one of the God’s creatures created by God as pair for him from worship in the acts of marriage. The cult of Sadhus and the rubbing of ashes on the body to kill desires in sexuality were forbidden. And He creates the incentive of giving charity – the charity of body to wife and wealth to poor, with motto, submissions first to the fellow being and next to God. And for that money has to be created and idled life shunned and for this, one is commanded and encouraged to look the other way and not see every where corruption. These days the TV media in Pakistan are obsessed with corruption, let them turn wise and let others generate money, but let them give in charity, sometimes as much as their entire bank account.

But what is it we call corruption. It is a relative term. Is ten percent commission a corruption. Does this mode of payment not exist? And truly it’s not the commission; it’s the morality behind its administration. The commission should be taken only when Halal. And let the commission taking person decide its positivism. The fundamental principle is that no one is hurt if this enactment is done and on each windfall income besides the charity there is the compulsory Khums the 20% of that has to be given for the betterment of the society and let there be affluent rich and expensive cars to travel and delicious food to eat and fine dresses to dress in and ample money to give in charity - the strongest thing God has created for man to benefit from and all dismay and gloom removed.

The requirement of sex moves with the physical beauty of the vessel that carriers that beauty – the gorgeous flesh and blood clad on the frame of ribs and bones. And the physical personality of man, the more in excess of beauty, the more it demands sex uninhibited and in plenty. So let it be in the form of the polygamous life, all honest and Halal and permissive. And let not Henry VIII branded as sex obsessed and murdering his wife. It was the clamp of the church on not more than one wife that drove him murder and eliminate and vacate the seat of the queen to take another in her place, rather than simultaneously keep more than one queen and revolting against the Church, with the result springing:

Divorced, Beheaded, Died

Divorced, Beheaded, Survived.

But this did not stop history brand Henry VIII as a remarkable Monarch, but now help Prince William, grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of England. He is beautiful of face and body, he will need more than one wife and so will Prince Harry so help them. So manoeuvre the rules and the laws of England to accommodate this facility in England, there are many like them in England who will need more than one wife and would be yawning to enter in polygamy as remedy rather than a curse. And let sex march in step with time camouflaged behind polygamy and excellences reveal their existence inside of every human that moves and the face of hypocrisy defaced.

The religions of world with the revelations as their God given facility and they imbibed and loaded with Prophets from God must make use of it and join hands and let a panel of their learned sit together and decide on the fate of polygamy for the good children and the quislings of the world.

The nature of religion was ease to the man and not thrusting taboos on him to be followed by him. We recall the earliest churches allowed polygamy. The Hindu laws allowed polygamy. Raja Dasrath had three wives and Lord Rama was born to the eldest Queen Kaushalya. And the etiquette of the house was that each of the princesses considered Rama not only their loving brother but god to be obeyed to. So we see competition of mannerism and devotion to love developing between the offspring from the same father is functional and that is the highest in the civilizations. And let England not be afraid of increased population and parents afraid of feeding more mouths, God has taken that responsibility on His shoulders. Only the Atheist might stay with one wife or with no wife because he does not know of God and His principles and what He does for man. The Atheist is too dumb minded to keep denying of God though he sees of His manifests every day; the birds fly, the Atheist breathes.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkaar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


April 11, 2010.



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