Where to Find your Local Recycling Center

Find the Local Recycling Center in your Area and Get Started!

Recycling isn't hard. All it takes is a bin or two to separate your recyclables and a little enthusiasm. Nearly everywhere in the country, you can find a place to recycle your old cans, bottles, cardboard, paper, appliances and more within a close distance. Here you'll find some links to find a recycling center close to you, as well as links to recycle those odd items like Christmas trees, shoes and furniture.

Getting Started with Recycling

Set up an easy to use organized recycling system!

You can make a huge difference in the amount of waste you consume by recycling everything you normally throw away. Start with the largest items first, or items that can be easily recycled. For example, you most likely purchase bottled juice, water, laundry detergent, cans of food, and a lot of food that is contained in cardboard boxes. Find several bins or trash barrels that you can place these in.

Separate your items by plastic, metal, and cardboard. Flatten cardboard as small as you can make it. Recycling in this manner will make a huge impact on your personal level of consumption. If your town does not have a recycling pick up, it will most likely have a transfer/recycling station that you can drop the items off to. Find out more information about setting up a recycling system for your home here.

For the not-so-obvious items, here are a list of links to help you recycle those items as well...

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Recycling everything in your life will help keep waterways, ground soil, and drinking water clean.

Recycling everything in your life will help keep waterways, ground soil, and drinking water clean.
Recycling everything in your life will help keep waterways, ground soil, and drinking water clean.

17 Ways to Recycle your Electronic Appliances

Plastic Bags

are a huge waste. Not only are they unnecessary, they choke out wildlife, pollute waterways, and contaminate drinking water. It also takes vast amounts of oil and energy to make plastic bags. By switching over to reusable bags, you can reduce the amount of plastic bags consumed, energy consumed, and potentially save some plastic bags from being released into the environment.

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