Republican Quotes and Analysis

Republican Quotes and Analysis

This is a look at some of the quotes that have come out of the Republican Party over the past twenty years or so. They are intelligent, truthful, and reflect where the party stands currently. Some, even though were said years ago, provide insight into problems we have today and are useful reminders. The Republican Quotes below are my ten favorite after going through various sources over my readings.

1) "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I am from the government and I am here to help." President Ronald Reagan

- This quote has always infuriated liberals because they favor big government. Never have these words been truer than in the political climate we are in. We are in one of the largest governmental increases in American history. Government is slowly taking over the economy and healthcare is next on the hit list. This quote is a reflection about how millions of people feel about that.

2) "Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done." President George W. Bush

- President Bush may not have been the best orator, but when he said something he was blunt. This quote truly symbolizes the determination of a man to get those people who commit evil acts. Justice is something that liberals often lack the courage to go after and is one of the pillars of the Republican Party.

3) “I don't believe in a government that protects us from ourselves.” President Ronald Reagan

- This further reinforces the notion that big government is not necessary. President Obama and the Democrats are attempting to take over the healthcare system and just passed the cap and trade bill. The whole purpose of that bill is to have control over what we can and cannot do. We the people do not need protection.

4) “It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you.” Vice President Dick Cheney

- Many people often espouse political thoughts without realizing the consequences of their actions. Americans are a privileged people and we want to spread our way of life around the world. This quote shows how we can forget the things we take for granted because we have always had them.

5) “We're no longer staring into the abyss of defeat and we can now look ahead to the genuine prospect of success.” Senator John McCain

- Senator McCain said this when it was finally realized that the troop surge is working in Iraq. Americans were beginning to give up home and the Democrats wanted to cut and run. Because of determined leadership, we were able to turn things around and provide democracy for a country that has never had it and honor our men and women in uniform by getting the job done.

6) “Hopefully, we can build bridges, but we also have to draw lines.” Senator Fred Thompson

- This quote, while blunt, is what Republicans stand for. We are open to bipartisanship, but some things are just too extreme. Now, more than ever before, we need to draw a line in the sand to stop the destruction of our country from within.

7) “If you work hard and play by the rules, this country is truly open to you. You can achieve anything.” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

- America is a place for opportunity, where anyone can work hard for success. Governor Schwarzenegger is a prime example of arriving here as an immigrant. The important thing is to play by the rules, a concept many forget.

8) “Let me tell you who we conservatives are: we love people. When we look out over the United States of America, when we are anywhere, when we see a group of people, such as this or anywhere, we see Americans. We see human beings. We don't see groups. We don't see victims.” Radio Host Rush Limbaugh

- Rush Limbaugh has had controversy surrounding things that he says, but this is the best statement of what a conservative is. We are some of the nicest people you will meet, who are principled and average people.

9) “Change is not a destination, just as hope is not a strategy.” Mayor Rudy Giuliani

- This quote is a direct attack against President Obama and current Democratic thought. Ideas matter and promising vague things and offering false hope is not the way to govern. Believing in these things has come back to bite us, because our country is struggling right now.

10) “But here’s a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion — I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country. Americans expect us to go to Washington for the right reasons, and not just to mingle with the right people.” Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

- Sarah Palin shows us what Republicans are all about. We are often the victims of bad press and degradation. The politicians are going there to serve and this quote captures the essence of what we are all about.

These Republican quotes show us that there are principled leaders within this party. Many of them are controversial and may not be the most popular, but they have principles and love this country. All of those quotes capture not only the spirit of the party, but in many respects, the spirit of the nation.

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tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

I like those quotes by Reagan . However I have never been a fan of Fred Thompson , he Is so wooden . And I too think the size of Government Is completly getting out of control . Apparently according to Rassmussen polls , alot of people are beginning to feel the same .

The Shark profile image

The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

With you 16, (3+4+9), This President is showing us why experience as an executive does count. He's the 1st president elected as a Senator since JFK.  I know history has been rewritten on his presidency, bu the fact is he was mostly ineffective, and thought his chances for re-election were slim. This was the reason he went to Dallas, to try to push his polls up. But at least he had leadership skills from his commander days in WWII. He also demonstrated integrity, decision making ability, and loyalty by saving the lives of his crew.

McCain had a lot of the same skills, only Senatorial skills, but similar to JFK, he had the training of Annapolis. He had the discipline it took to become a fighter pilot. He demonstrated loyalty and integrity by passing up the opportunity to come home from the Hanoi Hilton before other people in line.

Unfortunately, Obama has demonstrated none of these skills or traits. It is why he is failing as a President and has spent more than all presidents from Washington to W combined.

The time he spent in Kenya and the influence by his Kenyan father shows up in his approach and in what he believes Gov't should do. African counties are very social in their approach to everything. It also explains his approach on denying America's greatness.He couldn't even admit in a press conference last week that the USA was the driving force to ending Soviet domination in Eastern Europe. Presidents, both Democrat and Republican, excluding Carter,  stayed the course in the cold war.

Our only hope from having our government becoming like those in Africa, or Europe is to turn the House over in 2010. I only hope the damage is not too deep at that point.

The Shark---saying experience does matter

Obama RULES... 7 years ago

You guyes like Ronald Reagan are racist because we takin with it slave owner. You think you wont be a slave. sit n watch sucka... BARRACK OBAMA,tell that 2 yo mamma

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

It figures that the Obama supporter above can't spell. Speaks volumes.

Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

This may be a dumb question but here goes: Can a sitting American president declare Marshall Law and create a type of dictatorship through military, financial and popular political power?

pmm349 profile image

pmm349 7 years ago Author

I don't think so, but I suppose anything is possible. Congress would not go along with it (there are some sensible ones) and either would the Supreme Court. I actually think President Obama's popularity in declining slowly and in a few months he won't inspire rabid followers like he is now. Wait and see, but I wouldn't worry too much yet.

Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

Sorry...I forgot to add....If social uprisings became chaotic and violent?

EdG. profile image

EdG. 7 years ago

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. " - Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson wasn't a republican, but there are definitely some republican ideals that come from the right place. Though, personally, I think that party politics is all drama and only serves to create unnecessary ideological division. This not only prevents us from finding the proper middle ground, but also from seeking other solutions altogether that could be more beneficial.

a878d 7 years ago

Really? You quoted George Bush as saying something profound? You killed your whole article right there. You've gotten "courage" confused with "controlling".

Allana 5 years ago

Conservative ideologies are so much more American than liberal.

Julie 5 years ago

Love these quotes! I recently started a "Conservative quote of the day" blog, because I had such a hard time finding good conservative quotes in one place. Most of what I found were liberal blogs and websites posting silly quotes by conservatives - not serious quotes. Thanks for posting these!

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