Recycle Old Computers: Reuse Them

Recycle. reduce, reuse is still the mantra for reducing and preventing further environmental degradation. But reuse is the highest form of being ecologically conscious. Electronics gadget, specially desk tops and lap tops are one of the most toxic products on the market. Reusing your old computers is the best way you can keep them out of landfills. You will also minimize the need to go out and buy new electronic.

If enough people did that, there will be less exploitation of the earth’s resources. The idea here is to keep using something as long as possible so that we minimize the need to get new stuff.

That is the best way to prevent further unnecessary exploitation of the earth’s resources. It also reduces unnecessary over production of goods using fossil fuel. Last but not least it reduces more material entering the west stream thus preventing further accumulation of waste in the landfills. This way we can avoid the leaching of toxic material into the soil and ground water. 

When your computer is too slow and can't be upgraded anymore, It still can be very useful. Listed below are some cool ideas on how to re-purpose your computer which other wise might be collecting dust or tossed out.

How You can Put Your Old Computer to Good Use

  • You can install Linux OS (Linux based operating system) and you can continue using it or you can give it to someone in need. Linux is an operating system just like windows and the best part is that it is free.There is a compatible Liniux os for every computer and plenty of information on line about it.Check out instructables,com

  • You can reuse your old computer to experiment with soft ware that you don’t dare experiment with in your new computer. If you are a computer geek or even if you are not, but are interested in learning, then you can even pull the computer apart and put it back together again or install things to make the computer a better one.

Reusing an Old PC as a Server Part 1

  • Your children can use it to play around and experiment with soft ware and to play games

  • You can use it as a backup server. If your computer has a big enough hard drive then it can easily be converted to a backup server. You can use the free program backup server 3.1.

Reusing an old computer as a server part 2

  • You can re purpose your old computer by connecting to a bunch of computers around the world to solve important world problems. There are different organizations you can donate computer power to. Some are trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Others are studying global warming and many other scientific research. So you can choose whatever interests you and then download their program and install it on your computer. Decide how much power you are going to donate to the cause and that is all you have to do. What this does is create a super computer that enables scientist to do experiments they will not be able to do without these super computers.

More Cool Stuff that can be Done with an Old computer

  • It can be your spare part supply. The parts can be used to repair the computers you use.
  • you can turn it into a firewall to protect your computer.You can find a step by step guide at for this.
  • It can be your media center. You need some computer saviness for this one. has directions for this.

Make Something else out of Your Old Computer

If you can’t use it for the above reasons then you can use its parts to make something else

  • One idea that I saw on a website is making a fancy wallet from a clear plastic component of the keyboard.
  • The keys can be made into thumb tacks.
  • Computer fans can make great air filters.
  • The mother board can be made into beautiful jewelry.
  • The hard drive platter can be made into a clock.

Go to for step by step instruction on how to make these things.

Reusing your old computers and other electronics is a fun and rewarding way of helping mother earth's environment. You learn a lot in the process.

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Peter Enmore 6 years ago

If you cannot fix your computer, please do not trash it. Recycling is always the better option.

lelanew55 profile image

lelanew55 6 years ago Author

That is right Peter, keep those computers out of landfills. Thank you for stopping by.

Computer Recycling and Disposal 5 years ago

Remember that even when the computer has died it will still have working components that may be used in your next machine (keyboard, screen, memory, hard drive, mouse).

lelanew55 profile image

lelanew55 5 years ago Author

I agree. We can reuse all those parts. We don't have to buy new ones if those are functioning perfectly. Thank you for stopping by.

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