The Rick Perry Legacy

Governor Perry Spares No Expense

This year, outgoing Texas Governor, Rick Perry spared no expense to the Texas taxpayers and called the Texas Legislature back into two emergency sessions for the purpose of passing an abortion law that greatly restricts abortions in Texas.

The law attempts to regulate (eliminate) abortion by introducing a number of new regulations under the guise of protecting the citizens of Texas.

The Issues

At issue are the following regulations: (A) Abortion clinics must be no more than 30 miles from a hospital, (B) Doctors performing an abortion must have admitting privileges at said hospital, (C ) Abortion clinics must be certified and meet the same standards as hospital, and day surgery clinics.

There are other issues but at this time these are the issues I want to address. I understand the need to regulate health care and the facilities used to deliver those procedures that could involve life threatening complications.

Governor Rick Perry
Governor Rick Perry

By The Numbers

Firstly, I do not believe that passing this law warranted the excessive spending required to call an emergency special session of the Texas Legislature. The bill was considered during a special session and defeated by a filibuster by State Senator Wendy Davis then considered again and passed in a second special session. The methods used to pass the bill (considering the bill in three consecutive sessions, two of which were special sessions called by Governor Perry) gives the appearance of cramming a law onto the public which only a select few agree will serve the people.

Secondly, if the law is to protect all citizens equally then why are other medical procedures not included? Oral surgery involves sedation and surgery, so does cosmetic surgery. Many a cosmetic procedure has gone wrong leaving the patients to fend for themselves. Why were these procedures not included? Why only abortion providers? Why not include all medical procedures? Dental, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, etc.

Thirdly, what happened to the Republican mantra of less government? What happened to less government intrusion into our personal lives? Special sessions cost a lot of money, so does enforcing rules and regulations. Do the Republicans no longer believe in fiscal restraint?

The Downside?

It is obvious to me as it should be to you that this law was passed to regulate abortion into nonexistence. This has more to do with eliminating abortion than with keeping medical procedures safe for the citizens of Texas. This law has a lot to do with the christian right and keeping man's law in line with God's law. It also has a lot to do with keeping men in control of women's bodies.

If Texas lawmakers are so concerned over the health of our babies they should restore the funding for healthcare and education. They should reconsider the funding for birth control and women's health services. Forcing a child to be born into a life of poverty is to condemn the child to a life of suffering and torment. Then again this may be our lawmakers objective. Who knows what goes on in the twisted mind of a politician


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