So, You Think You Own Property?


Ahh the American dream. A little three or four bedroom home set in a quite suburb of your home town. A place to raise your kids. A place to do as you please. A place to plant a garden with your favorite veggies. A place that you can call your own and no one can tell you what to do with it.

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! You thought you had property rights but that could not be further from the truth. The only property rights you have is to determine who the property will go to. And sometimes not even that right is observed by the government.

If you own property in a city you DO NOT have a right or even a say as to what you can do with that property. There is nothing that you can think of pertaining to the property that is not regulated by the city.

Want to have a garage sale? You have to ask the city for permission. Want to build a storage shed for your lawn mower ? You have to ask the city permission for that and the shed has to be approved by them.

Want to replace the sheetrock or do other repairs? You have to get permission from the city and the repairs have to meet their standards.

Do you have more than three cars? Some cities will only allow a maximum of three vehicles to be registered at any one address.

Ok, forget all that, I’ll just get a dog and watch television. If you get a dog then you have to register the dog with the city and the dog has to be licensed. And watching television??? No, you cannot do that. There is no time for television. The city says you have to trim the trees and mow the lawn.

Ok, done, now I can watch television. WRONG! The city requires all homes to be painted. There can be no loose or peeling paint. Some cities even regulate the color you can paint your home.

Never mind the city, I’ll just move outside the city limits. Ok but there are certain regulations there also. Need to go to the bathroom? Out door toilets are no longer allowed. Need a septic tank for your black water? Then you need to ask permission from the state. Need water? Want a water well? Then get ready to ask the state for permission. And remember that permission is not always granted.

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area the government will soon be taking property for a freeway (Loop 9). Many citizens are upset that the government will take their property and only pay them depressed market prices. These people are now against the government taking property for the greater good of the people. They are asking for your help in keeping their homes.

These are the same people that, in the past, stood by and watched others lose their homes while they did nothing. Today it is their turn to lose their homes. Who will help them now?

So you think you own property? Think again.

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Ivan the Terrible profile image

Ivan the Terrible 7 years ago from Madrid

Just fail to pay your taxes a few times and wee what you really own! Laws here in Spain are also stupid when it comes to property ownership, but I have yet to see where anyone loses his or her home because of unpaid taxes!

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