Steampunk Gun Modding 201

Another lesson in gun modding

Welcome to my second lesson in steampunk prop making. Hopefully you read "Steampunk Gun Modding 101" and are interested in learning about something a little more complex. This weapon is a little more complicated and takes a lot more luck in finding the right components.

Step One

I found a suitable base for my weapon. I am using a very soft plastic squirt gun. I sanded off any logos or other writing. I took it apart and removed the tubing and the bulbs that stored the water. I cleaned it thoroughly and allowed it to dry thoroughly so there would be no mold inside.

Step Two

This is the stage that serendipity comes in. I collect odd brass bits and bobs and little bits of plastic for projects. When I start a project, I pull out my bins and try things in different combinations until something seems to work. Sometimes, a project will sit for a very long time waiting for the exact right bit to come along. In this case, I found a few different brass candle sticks that unscrew and screwed them together in a different way. I needed it to be long enough to go the entire length of the gun because otherwise the parts would tend to sag. This gives them stability. I screwed the squirt gun back together and taped off the brass parts to do the spray painting.

Step Three

I sprayed on a black primer coat, and finished off with a gold webbing spray paint to give it an odd arcane look. I had to clean out the webbing from the holes. The back right side has a plastic cap from something or other to finish it off. Then I sprayed it with a clear coat to help preserve the paint job. I found some brass studs at a craft store and added them to various spots on the gun with glue to tie the brass into the paint job.

Step Four

I glued another bit of brass candlestick onto the front end to finish that part off.

That's it!

This project took me several months because I was waiting for some of the parts to find their way to me. She is very front heavy and a bit fragile so I mostly use her for photo shoots. I feel she is the most unique prop I've made so far.

I call her the "Suffragette" because she's my vote getter.

I do hope that I've helped you here. Let me know what you thought.

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CliveAnderson LM profile image

CliveAnderson LM 5 years ago

Cool lens, really love the concept and how it is done. Great stuff...

Warm Regards,


agoofyidea profile image

agoofyidea 5 years ago

I'm sorry you lost your prop. It was awesome. Great lens.

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