Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Or the American public elects stupid.  Last month the American public sent a huge mandate to the U. S. Congress.  No more earmarks, no more spending like Mexican drug cartel leaders! Balance the federal budget. 

The candidates put on a dog and pony show and promised to cut spending and the voters ate it up.  Some candidates even promised to do away with earmarks which is funding for special projects benefiting only the special supporters in the district of the congressman proposing the earmark.

And now, not even two months after the general election, a federal budget is about to be passed that includes over six thousand (6,000) earmarks.  What happened to the outrage, the sense of country, duty and doing what is right for the country?  What happened to the promises the candidates made to the American voters?

Stupid is as stupid does.  Why does the congress ignore the wishes of the voting public?  Could it be that they know that the mandates of the voting public are for show only?  Could it be that they know that the voting public has a very short memory?  Could it be that our votes do not count?

We have, in this country, created a ruling class.  Members of Congress once elected become life-time members of this ruling class.  Regardless of broken promises (lies) or transgressions (legal or moral) they cannot be removed from office.

The federal budget is an extremely complicated document.  There are hundreds of thousands of federal agencies that must be funded.  Most if not all federal agencies are necessary and benefit all citizens.  Earmark projects are not necessary to the security of the nation nor are they necessary for the economic well being of the United States. For the most part earmarks do not benefit all citizens. 

They are a form of bribes.  Earmarks mostly fund projects given to supporters of the congressperson.  They are bargaining chips used as a form of bribes with other congresspersons, i.e. vote for my project and I’ll vote for yours.  Earmarks are just another method of subverting the will of the voters, a form of subverting the constitution of the United States of America.

The ruling class has spoken.  We must obey. We must not question the wisdom of the ruling class.  Congress will continue to spend like drunken drug cartel capos and “stupid us” (taxpayers) will continue to pay. And that is a fact of life in the United States of America.

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Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Politicians are taking advantage of people. What`s new ...

Lobbying and earmarks are indeed bribery but the politicians legalized it because it is for their benefit. Laws are made to keep the status-quo going. The aristocracy eat caviar while we can eat oily fish from the Gulf of Oil or perhaps we don`t have to eat at all.

To be perfectly honest, nothing will change until the system is changed. As long as there are earmarks and lobbyists running around Capitol Hill, the interests of the masses will always be ignored.

It is about time, Americans hit the streets!

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