the Theater of Play! manifesto

The Theater of Play! Manifesto

Theatre in it's seriousness has convinced audiences to passively view shows rather than actively participate, creating a spectacle of entertainment that does not challenge, engage nor move the audience to question, Theatre no longer provides a genuine experience for its potential participants.

The Theatrical "Industry," takes all things, itself included, far too seriously and fears true exploration, experimentation and discovery, it has stunted its own expansion and become stagnant.

The respect for the space has been lost and replaced with codes of etiquette and behavior that promote judgment reflective of the current cultural and societal values, the Theater has become a place for complacency and passivity rather than action.

In a desperate attempt to survive, judgment and profit have become the driving force behind Theatre it has now limited itself to what is "acceptable" according to its investors.

It is time for a reinvigorating and redefining of the craft of Theatre as a more inclusive and PLAYful event void of these judgments and assumptions. Only through play can judgment be cast off allowing for a genuine Theatre experience and true discovery for all participants present. Through play, curiosity may travel through exploration into the unknown, where endless possibilities may take place. Therefor in the spirit of play and discovery, the production of "shows" must be immediately stopped. There shall be only plays, never shows! Thus, there is no audience, only participants in varying levels of active versus inactive participation. SO LET'S PLAY!!!

what's play?

1. judgment-free
2. curious
3. expansive

PLAY can BE;
1. fun or jest, as opposed to seriousness.
2. an exercise or activity for amusement or recreation.
3. a dramatic composition or piece; drama.
4. the playing, action, or conduct of a game.
5. the manner or style of playing or of doing something.
6. an act or instance of playing or of doing something for stakes.
7. an attempt to accomplish something, often in a manner showing craft or calculation;                 maneuver.
8. a venture, exploration or experiment without a desired outcome.
9. action, activity, or operation.
10. brisk, light, or changing movement or action.
11. elusive change or movement, as of light or colors.
12. a space in which something, as a part of a mechanism, can move.
13. freedom of movement within a space, as of a part of a mechanism.
14. freedom for action, or scope for activity.

1. to do.
2. to portray.
3. to cooperate
4. to engage in a game, pastime, etc.
5. to contend against in a game.
6. to function or perform as a specified player in a game or competition.
7. to employ a piece of equipment, a player, etc. in a game.
8. to represent or imitate, as for recreation or in jest.
9. to perform on a musical instrument.
10. to perform music on an instrument.
11. to cause a phonograph, radio, recording, etc. to produce sound or pictures.
12. to sustain a part in a dramatic performance or in real life.
13. to carry or put into operation; act upon.
14. to cause to move or change.
15. to operate or cause to operate.
16. to allow a hooked fish to exhaust itself by pulling on the line.
17. to display or feature a story, photograph, etc., especially prominently.
18. to operate continuously or with repeated action.


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