your will is the way


Make a Big Difference

Look here: email these people media mattes

and; coffee party

and tell them this ~

Why are the parties not made responsible for clarifying the noise their party creates?

The format of disclosure should be consistent so it can be put in a data base and searched for its consistency and reliability of facts and evidence supporting their claims... The rhetoric is without dialectic distinction, so it is therefore objectively false by default from some perspective of perception...

All Political Correspondence Needs To Be In The Following Format

To State Issue ~ It must have ~ Solution, problem and answer ~

Elements of debate issue:

1) premise, proposition and argument

2) purpose, motive and intent

3) impact, cause and effect

In this format it can be tracked in a database so people can see the deviations and or consistencies in the rhetoric and dialectic presented...

The Way Forward

Prologue: The following three essays where some of the original essays that carved out the purpose, motive and intent defining the scope of the book project. The information herein is provided, as food-for-thought, to stimulate the growth of an inclusive, civil and selfless life experience.

The reader has the responsibility to accept or reject the notions proposed throughout the chapters. It is only through pondering, these thoughts presented, that humanity will evolve to the next level of its existence.

The opinions presented herein are vital to the understanding of our role in life, they are the inventions of our desires. This work was produced first; but it is now an ending note, because it holds the outline for the plan-purpose, goal- motive and objective-intent of the opinions expressed throughout the book.

Now, lets explore the realm of metaphysical discovery, by noting the rhetoric of the words of thought and how they divulge the sense of language, its purpose, motive and intent, as, "your will is the way of your course, journey and path."

Your opinion is vital to understanding our role in life. The three essays on the way to go forward in human evolution are ~

Essay Titles:


2) WHY WE DISAGREE - motive



The essays that follow are a category of work for a new age. These essays present a fantasy, a vision set in motion; as a progressive inclusive, civil and selfless fiction meant to become reality as the manifested hope unfolds. The hope to evolve the consciousness of the world to the higher dimensions of its metaphysical existence.

One day soon to be the present the notions presented herein will stimulate the public into a unification for seeking the wellness of our social civic matters by developing programs to expand the vision of the world to the dimensions of the mind universe. In the mind of humanity the realization of the vision will commence the stewardship for the lives we shall evolve.

The target audience for this work is the curious intelligent people of the world looking for the perfect perspective and perception describing the meaningful theme of life, as a universal monistic energy objective, which we all have in common. This story can be told in many ways to different audiences conveying the same message of love, stewardship and responsibility.

Stop here, now, if you do not wish to change the nature of your selfish temperament fore you will only see the error of your way that you prefer.

The information within is provided at a building block level of elemental notions. The reason this story is being told is to tell the world of the origin and purpose for being. I wish to stimulate the understanding of the knowledge that has evolved through the ages. The information presented is intended to bring consensus to our words and ideas that convey a story for feedback and debate on our collective thought. The presented information will develop the feasibility of the premise that we, as humans, are the tools of thought.

We are responsible for deriving the perception perspective of a common element origin with the purpose that perfects all and is for the all of life.

The purpose of this story is to weave understanding of the available evidence that leads to the conclusion that we hold the answers to the questions about our purpose.

Provided herein is the wisdom establishing the commonality of our purpose, motive and intent as human emotional animals. The conclusions demonstrate we have a ways to go before we are the humanity we perceive ourselves to be now - knowledgeable and progressive in advancing the human condition. 

The point of these three essays is to create the perfect string of hope from the threads of purpose, motive and intent to tether the world to the metaphysical plane of existence so we might reap the rewards of our abundant and plentiful universe, as inclusive, civil and selfless beings.


loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Colin, Always a pleasure to get to encouragement to keep going, its a wonder what some kind words can do... It keeps me going, its the least you can do ~ lol... You see, I envy your ability to practice life on the Emerald Isle, really, one day I shall visit your land of enchantment... Enjoy it, you lucky Irishman...


Moulik Mistry, Really grateful of your compliment, as I know you thought it through... Peace and the pleasure of knowing be yours to behold...

Moulik Mistry profile image

Moulik Mistry 6 years ago from Burdwan, West Bengal, India

This is wonderful, you know I love your writing...

Colin T Mercer profile image

Colin T Mercer 6 years ago from Northern Ireland

I like your writing, interesting and inteligent. Keep writing!

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Denizee, you have quite a challenging bio of bad luck if you choose it to be such; but life is not about living; if it has worth at all it is about sustaining the mind as a continuum of thought... If we wish to dwell on our hard times it is quite possible to have a life of misery; but if we choose to focus on the idea that we are an evolving thought that is providing experience of growth and development then we seek to change what is trouble some so that is erased from the mind experience so that life might seek other changes that will allow correction in all other life experience...

You see, the gauntlet of life is a problem to be solved not endured, so the key and the trick is to focus on the solution and not get bogged down in the self pity we might cling to as an excuse for not facing the challenges we encounter...

I could could have accounted to you all my misfortunes to commiserate with your ill fortunes; but that would just propagate the stero-typical response society is grand at providing and it does nothing for the solution.

Let me give you the notion of how to think your way above and beyond your apparent misfortunes, it will give solace when pondered:

Picture a soldier placed on a battle field to risk life and limb for a society that cares nothing of the pain and suffering war causes because of their greed and selfishness...

(If you default to war is necessary, it is the common deception you were programed to excuse the thought from responsible scrutiny)... Accept that war is evil at any cost because the price we pay is the integrity of our souls by not seeking inclusive selfless and civil agreement.... You say this is impossible, "it is impossible only because we do not will it to be otherwise."..

Now place your thought in the mind of this solder and rationalize the war situation you as the soldier are in... Its hard to place yourself in this situation you care nothing about... You must be willing to think of all the thoughts that make up the situation not just select thoughts that benefit you; this is what is meant by the term inclusiveness... If and when you are able to focus and accept the responsibility for the situation and seek the change so it does not occur again, it is then that the thoughts of defeat and ill fortune turn into the challenge for you to champion the solution; it then becomes a calling meant to test your will to express your inclusive selfless civil will...

We humans are soldiers of life, we are responsible for its improvement, it is only us that can improve this self imposed hell; the ones that seek to resolve the problems and not add to them...

How many share the same ill fortunes or worst you have expressed? How many failed to take up the cross to the challenge and champion the solution? If everyone was carrying their cross as a champion the probability of ill fate would diminish accordingly...

The beauty of this notion is all you have to do is express it to everyone and you are part of the solution and not part of the problem...

Denizee profile image

Denizee 6 years ago

Encouraging, I wonder what your thoughts would be for someone, who lost their mother 1/07, $20.00hr job, 3/07, new job 8/6/07, loss of oldest son age 29, 8/6/07, loss of new job, loss of only sister 9/6/07, loss of job 5/08 after one week, loss of home 5/08, surgery with complications 6/08, loss of job 10/08, loss of job 12/08, loss of job 3/09, loss of new home 6/09, pending SSI for cardiac, trying to survive the system, 3 impatient stays through 12/30/09, loss of dignity, sick, and finally loss of ex-husband 2/4/2010, father of my 19 year old. I am faith based and trust God with my life - yet at the same time I wonder how much more I can handle. No family resources, no one except myself and my 19 year old son.

shazwellyn profile image

shazwellyn 6 years ago from Great Britain

I have bookmarked this... thanks for the enlightenment x

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

This sounds a lot like Noetics. You express these ideas well. I'm very interested in this topic. Thanks for a very good hub!

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