The King of Pakistan and the Pink Safa

The King of Pakistan and the Pink Safa

All the perfumes of Arabia could not take away the stink generated by the roguery of the supremacy desire of power between President, Prime Minister, judiciary and the army that has been left sizzling by the distribution of power between them from the beginning of Pakistan. The earlier and the present constitution makers could not blunt the sword of Martial Law to be strike less which hangs with its sharp tip over the heads of even the populist PMs and Presidents. They could not remove the inherent imbalance of power and the cause of tussle between the Prime Minister and the President by their rewriting the articles of the constitution and by its definitions and demarcations in the constitution. And now the judiciary is boisterously raising its head and showing its muscle, soggy though it is by the nature of their profession; however still a nuisance to the nation.

And why don't the peoples of Pakistan realise when they are writing a constitution, they are placing the religion bit in the frame work of the constitution, which competency the writers don’t have. They must realise the 18th amendment will not last longer. The only thing that will last longer is the God’s approved religion which He has liked and approved on the day the Prophet SAWW was ordered by God to declare Hazrat Ali Als ‘Administrator of the World.’ By the declaration: Mun Kunto Maula Fa Haza Aliyun Maula – who’s so ever Master I am, this Ali is his Master. And he did that in Ghadeer-e Khum and put the Pink Safa on his head.

The written constitution in Pakistan is not necessary when the religion and its law is in vogue. This reality is enforcing itself in the United Kingdom, where they do not have a written constitution, only agreements and understandings and have a formidable King and it is the King’s or the Queen’s prerogative to rule that makes the state rule. Let us also have no written constitution but a King. Our history is resplendent with the fight between the Prime Minister and the President in the life of our democratic governments, each of them wanting a greater share in the democratic process of the country. This is so since democracy is not in the blood of the Muslims as it is not in the religion of Islam. The Muslims are used to be firmly ruled by the pious and wise, who sets the direction of rule and the destiny of the people.

Thanks to the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad Mustufa SAWW, he has done everything perfect for Islam. He has made the task of the Muslims easy by crowning Hazrat Ali Als as Monarch of Deen - the way of life, by putting a Pink Safa on his head. Let this Pink Safa be the symbol of the new rule in Pakistan. The descendants of Hazrat Ali are present in the world to take over as King. And since the last Imam, Imam Mehdi Als has gone in concealment, another of the Sayed sons of Imam Hasan Askari Als qualified in virtuousness and learnedness can take over as King of Pakistan. And what an absurdity it is to look for a graduate of an unfulfilling university. The King will be a graduate of the University of God from the Hauza-e Ilmia of Najaf or Qum. The advantage of the blessing of a King will be tremendous. The state of Pakistan will see it become an Empire and grow from Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia. There will be one King and several Regents. Pakistan is the most populous state, full of resource and Muslims and they have the right to pick such a King for the Muslims of the emerging Empire. Let not the Saudis not surrender the seat of power – the Holy Kaaba and Hijaz to the Empire.

The most important thing for determining the firm rule in a nation is its justice system. The personage of the justice system in flesh form that sits on the chair of the judge is the important most element of the system. Let the science of face reading rulethe selection of the judges. The function of God is to give judgement and He is Bay Aaib – without defect and so let the judges be Bay Aaib. Bay Aaib in faith content and Bay Aaib inphysical form and of these they adjudged to be nearest in the qualities of God. Make their hidden come out as obvious and they judged for their faith by the yardstick of Aliyun Wali Ullah, and the physical deformity adjudged by the yardstick of the science of face reading, which says: ‘a judge with a differential eye fitted on his face cannot give right judgement.’ He is incapable of giving correct judgement because he is Aaibi- carrying defect with him on his face.

He will install a 17 member judge panel when one honest and worthy judge is enough to give correct judgement. And he will have long term plan behind the 17 judges. He will want to show his pomp and power and plan to discredit and remove one government and bring in another. The science of face reading also amply defines the Chief Justice of the High Court of Punjab Khwaja Mohammad Sharif,who has his mouth pulled to one side and says he accepts favour from Shahbaz Sharif and glaringly admits it as if it were a point of great credit to be scored. This is because he carries a defect with him and is unsuited to give judgement. Maula- ay Muttaqiyan Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib Als haspassed an edict by which this judge Khwaja Mohammad Sharif is outright a redundant commodity for Pakistan and he should be immediately removed from his post. Hazrat Ali Als says:

'Any judge who is sitting on the chair of judiciary and takes a present he is embezzler. And if anyone is holding power and is seated on the chair to give judgement and takes bribe then he is Mushrik’ – someone worst than an infidel.

And what a beautiful Safa the King of Pakistan will wear. In this Kingdom the king will be the singular person to wear a pink Safa. The rest of the learned, the clergy, the Ulema and the Maulana, all will wear a white Safa till they have reached to the rank of the Aayetullah in Ilm-o- Irfan - the learnedness andgnosis when they will start wearingthe black Safa. And there will be no multicolour Safa of the like of Maulana Fazlur Rahman. He will replace it with a white Safa or if he qualifies, will replace it with a black Safa. And the size and weight of the Safa will be determined by the wearer, but its cleanliness checked by the state and its tidiness by the Dhobi – the washerman. And it will be a state wrenched in discipline and order,where the King in the Pink Safa will rule.

And what an organisation of the Hauza(s) – the Universities of Qom and Najaf- e Ashraf are, where the next higher to the Aayetullah and none higher than him was the Marja-e Taqleed – one followed - that one symbol of knowledge, piety and perseverance that one pious who when speaks the world takes note, and what guarantee into the faith’s absoluteness and securityto the follower from him – Allah-ho-Akbar - the force of the spiritualism drives his Moaddat - the asset that makeshim of tender heart in men and knowledge becomes his gift from God.

And what a pleasure to sense the purities and the intenseness in passband of knowledge that meticulously clean, whiter than white Safa instils, fluffy and weightless and large, worn by the learned. And the honoured wearing the high of station the black Safa will instil respect and awe of the very pious, who will be far and few to wear it. The Aayetullah wearing it is one who was born after thousands and thousands of men were born and he is 60 PhDs in one and the minimum of 20 PhDs. And his piety is higher than that of the Angels and the Angels are around him circling him and protecting him. When the five well laced with weapons, cobra helicopters, well prepared with mop exercises collided in the desert of Iran, all set, with their leashes cut to attack and steal Ayet Ullah Khomeini, simply a disaster of wind blew in the desert and the helicopters collided and turned to ashes and the American Pentagon General had to say, ‘God was with them’.

The Marja-e Taqleed is the living miracle of the manifestations of the Prophet SAWW. He sets the trend, and himself follows his Maula Hazrat Ali Als, and the eleven Imams, about whom the last Messenger of God has said: The first of them is Mohammad, the middle is Mohammad and the last is Mohammad, all of them are like Mohammad.


Let in this state of the King with the Pink Safa, the question of the Ahmadis addressed to by the King. The parliament is not competent to pass edict, issue or endorse a Fatwa. This ought to be the domain of the Marjah in Qom or in Najaf-e Ashraf.The religious schools of any denomination in Pakistan are devoid of such leadership. Do the Ahmadis recite Kalma; if yes then they become Muslim. Do they give a twist to its meaning then solve it by convincing logic.  Can the Parliament snatch their right and the distinction of Islam pasted on them by the recital of the Kalama? The hypocrite Dr Israr Ahmad just died in Pakistan on the 13th of April 2010. He was a hypocrite because he refuted the Prophet SAWW. This hypocrite said, ‘Husain Als was not a martyr, only a slain person,’ though the Prophet SAWW had wept over the martyrdom of Imam Husain Als when he was a child. The Prophet SAWW gave his honoured wife, Bibi Umme Salama RA the soil brought to him by Angel Gibrael from Karbala and said to the Bibi when this soil turns into blood, know then Husain has been martyred in Karbala and sixty years later the soil turned to blood and Bibi Umme Salama knew her Husain has been martyred. Still the heretic wearing the cloak of Islam Dr Israr Ahmad, 1400 years later says Husain was not a martyr – TV talk 9th Moharram 2006.

 So the nation if it is out to hail hypocrisy by calling Dr Israr Ahmad a Muslim and the Ahmadis non Muslim. Let it exonerate itself by submitting that Dr Israr is a non Muslim and interchangeably taking stand to say the Ahmadis are Muslims. If laxity allows and Dr Israr Ahmad is qualified to be buried in the Muslim graveyard then by that standard the Ahmadis also become Muslims, qualified to be buried with the Muslims. This stand is taken under assumption, the Ahmadis accept the Prophet SAWW as the last Prophet.  Let them call Mirza Ghulam Ahmad by what name they like, even calling that he was Imam Mehdi Als, because that claim will fall flat. But the Ahmadis at least are not calling others non Muslim. But look at Dr Israr Ahmad, what he says about the established Muslims the Shias in Jang Aug 20, 2009, ‘Mujhay Oon Loagoan Say Shadeed Aekhtelaf Haai jo Shiyoun Ko Alal Aelan Ghaair Muslim Qarar Detay Haain’ -  ‘I have severe difference with those people who openly determine Shias Kafir by yelling it out on the loud.’ Look how cunningly the Kafir is calling the Momin a Kafir and yet he is accepted as a Muslim. The Anchor Dr Shahid Masood pays homage to him in his programme and so do others, and journalist Irfan Siddiqui writes columns, all that is disservice to Islam airing hypocrisy.

The support to the Ahmadis here and for always will be for justice, not a support to their individualistic properties of beliefs, and one thing they must make a knot of in their life and in their faith and in their mind that is to unionize their religion to be in unison with justice and enter in allegiance to the House of the Prophet SAWW. Let them practice Moaddat – the love for the progenies - the Ahlebait of the Prophet SAWW.  No learned of Islam says Hazrat Abu Talib Als was a Kafir, and it is not a small matter. The attitude of any one saying this is ingratitude that he shows to someone kind and helping totheir faith - the Islam of today and of yesterday and of at its stages of infancy. If this bigotry they exhibited was out of belligerency, then this is an illness infested in them to which ailment even the Holy Quran is not ready to provide a cure and these were a victim of political smite.

To call Hazrat Abu Talib Als a Kafir, who is benefactor of the very religion all claim to follow in Pakistan is indecency of an extreme nature and it is due to the lack of the nobleness in blood. Hazrat Abu Talib Als was the provider of all sorts of help to Islam and the benefactor of the Prophet SAWW. And if the belligerence into this immorality continues, the sword of Imam Mehdi Als when he Ajal Allah Ho Farajahoo appears will be on the neck of those calling his Als’s grandfather Kafir. The Imam will not accept that or forgive that. And he Als will comply with the God’s will to the last. God is so appreciative of Hazrat Abu Talib Als that his ‘Alhamdo lillah’ he poeticised as Wakeel on the Nikah – the advocating in the solemnizing of the bind of the wedding of the Prophet SAWW to Bibi Khadija SUAwas infinitely liked by God and that God in thanks puts in its exact words in the Quran. So Hazrat Abu Talib’s popularity with God is immense and let no one be at odds with God and make the mistake of doing that and enter in Kufr.

The King of the Pink Safa will be the harbinger of peace and will settle scores of issues which are remaining unsettled between nations and religions till the appearance of Imam Mehdi Als. The beguiled clergy of the Sunni sect following the Fiqah – the jurisprudence given by the Student Imam, Imam Abu Hanifa cannot settle the subject matters that have been lingering on for so long. They are not capacitated to do that. Imam Abu Hanifa used Qiyas – giving judgment from his possible extrapolations taking them to be imaginably right. His teacher Imam Jafar Sadiq Als forbade him do that, but he still did that and the Fiqah he dared to give to the Sunni Ummah was not approved by Imam Jafar Sadiq Als, who was the sixth Imam of the twelve God sent Imams. And the Prophet SAWW had said there will be twelve of them; ‘the beginning, the middle and the end, all of them will be Mohammad’.

The book of Sahee Bokhari is compiled by Imam Bokhari; this Imam of the Sunni Brothers of Islam has such prejudice against the Shias that he says:

“I don’t see any difference between praying Salah behind a Jahmi or a Rafidhi (Shia) and a Christian or a Jew. They (Jahmiyyah, Rafidah) are not to be greeted, nor are they to be visited, nor are they to be married, nor is their testimony to be accepted, nor are their sacrifices to be eaten.”

An Imam with that kind of bitterness in his heart is not qualified to be Imam and he will be an outright reject today. Thanks to the march of time, we have progressed that far. But the real progress will be to reject and erase such misconstrued Imams from the names of the list of revered persons and duty bound us to pick the Imam of the Ahlebait to be followed to please God and his Messenger and the God ordained Angels.

The unfortunate inoculation of heretical edicts into the nation of the Sunni believers by the writer of the Sahee al Bukhari marred for centuries good relations between Sunnis and the Shias. It polluted the mind of the Sunnis and pulled down the very Shias who are going to be the saviour of Pakistan and of the entire Muslim world and are set to beckon nations to come and march with them to bare open new horizons and lay down new civilisations.

Even one with token knowledge knows, these are hard facts and Muslims of Pakistan must wake up to embrace them and gulp in a hurry the essence of it and chart their course of life. It is time to re-examine their faith and not follow their forefather’s faith when it is lacking and even wrong. This is Islam not the ritualistic religion of emotional zealots, knowing nothing of Islam only the path way of suicide bombing and becoming un-returnable to righteousness. They are outsiders to Islam and there is nothing that can be done for them, except for acting on the Hadees of the Prophet SAWW: ‘Help your brother (Momin) whether he is an oppressor.’

Sahaba – the companions RA of the Prophet SAWW asked the Prophet SAWW:

O Prophet of God, God’s salutations may shower upon you, our father’s and our mother’s lives may be sacrificed on you, it is understood how to help a brother – a Momin, but it is not clear how can we help an oppressor’. The Prophet SAWW said: ‘Help him by stopping his hand from doing oppression’.

Time has come for trust reposed in the trustee, and the Sayed King forthwith coroneted and installed to function for the Muslims.

Thank you the wondrous internet – the HubPages, allowing these ideas vented to the nations of one Kalma – of one voice for their pondering and actions. And if there was one leader in the world of Islam who had power, sublimity, perceptions and general acceptability, it was Col Muammar Qaddafi, the leader of Libya, who is the hope and the gleam for revolution in Islam, Ahmad Dinejad has been too barricaded by the Americans and the Israelites.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkaar-e Shia (Shia Thought)


April 18, 2010



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