Healthcare: The New Retirement Fund For Congress.

 We are about to have healthcare reform in this country. It has been a long and hard battle but at long last it has been won. I would like to thank all 9,000 lobbyists that worked so hard to educate our congress on the healthcare needs of the American People.

I imagine that the healthcare industry must have really strained their budgets paying for all those lobbyists and their expenses. Fortunately its all tax deductible, after all they only did it for the good of all Americans.

Well the truth is that healthcare reform is not about health, nor about caring, nor about reform. Healthcare reform is about putting money into the hands of our congressmen. Healthcare reform is about taking money out of your pocket and putting it into the pockets of the big medical industry that by the way just happens to contribute heavily to the political campaigns of our congressmen.

Sometime ago a lot of states introduced a law that required all drivers to purchase liability insurance. The theory was that if all drivers were required to purchase the insurance, rates would drop like a rock. It was sold to the public as a means of making automobile insurance affordable to all drivers. It’s amazing how gullible we the American public are.

Automobile insurance rates have continued to rise. All the law did was put more money in the hands of big insurance companies. Insurance rates have not dropped. They have in fact risen a lot since that law was passed.

Similarly, the medical insurance companies plan on reaping huge profits from the current reform. It makes no sense to require every man, woman and child in this country to pay a large sum of money to some insurance company.

The insurance companies are responsible for making money for the stock holders. To say that they will perform in the best interest of the taxpayer is like saying that the cat will not harm the mouse if the cat is fed enough food.

The real path to healthcare reform is very simple. Let the natural market forces dictate the cost of health care. The only government involvement should be to encourage, through grants and scholarships, more young people to enter the medical field. Once the supply of doctors exceeds the demand the price of healthcare will become affordable again. Hospitals and universities should be subsidized through research grants.

As it stands now there is a shortage of qualified Doctors. Some very ill people are scheduling appointments as far as two months out. Most of those entering the profession today are only interested in the money. Very few are interested in medicine or in the rewards of healing someone.

The healthcare system of today is setup to scam those that have insurance be it Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. For instance, a Doctor can order an electric wheelchair for a patient through any of the three agencies. But in order to keep the chair in good repair the Doctor must order each and every repair, battery replacement, tire repair/replacement, etc. A patient cannot just ask the medical supply company to fix the chair. He must first get a Doctor to ok the repair. Since the Doctor does not get paid to sign off on wheelchair repair he requires the patient to come into the office for a visit once or twice a month. So now not only is the insurance paying for the chair and the repairs but also for the monthly visits to the Doctor’s office.

The real path to healthcare reform does not lie in transferring million of dollars to our congressmen via the insurance companies. The real path to healthcare reform must come from supply and demand. This is the only sure and fair way to effect change in our healthcare system.

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bearclawmedia profile image

bearclawmedia 6 years ago from Mining Planet Earth

You are making too much sense. They will hunt you down like the last time Pancho

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