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Time Life Nazis A Warning From History DVDs

Time Life you have a lot of nerve. Not only should you be ashamed of yourself but to glorify and make a mockery of something as serious as the Holocaust and to sit there and pretend like German people are still the ultimate evil or that an entire race was evil is absolutely wrong. I guess a ton of people started complaining because I cannot find the entire infomercial for Time Life Nazis a Warning From History on YouTube or Guba or Vimeo or other video sites but the fact of the matter is that Time Life has gone to far! Let me break this down into why the Time Life Nazis a Warning From History DVD Infomercial is soo wrong and why Time Life needs to not only apologize to every Jew and every person who was effected by the Holocaust but also to the Germans who they have also insulted.

1. The actual images, music and deal or offer.

I was not only offended that when specials and offers show up you hear happy little bells in the background but one of the most shocking images I saw in the show was when they said something like order now and you get "free shipping" Free shipping doesn't sound so bad until you look at what is playing behind it and see trains with nazi flags on them which if you alos remember not only did Nazis take trains but nazis also used train cattle cars to load up tons of people being sent off to concentration camps. Great images behind the words and part about free shipping.

The announcer sounds sort of excited about promoting the Time Life Nazis DVD series and it becomes offensive in the end when the music becomes light hearted and almost fun or energetic. Sorry but as a Jew who has had family that survived and didn't survive the Holocaust nothing is light hearted and nothing should be sales about this horrible time in history. You should not be happy or use happy sounds to sell a product about something so terrible. It was absolutely offensive.

Making it seem like the Germans are still all Nazis.

Although the infomercial does not flat out say that they are still horrible, evil people, it does make it sound like the Germans are all still Nazis and out to get everyone. The truth is that Germany and many other countries went through a very dark time. Certain things like the Holocaust are still going on in other countries and mutilation, murder and massacres are still very common in some countries and it is awful. Many Germans are not proud of this moment in history and although there were many people that ended up turning a blind eye and becoming evil, there were many Germans that also helped end the Holocaust and save many lives that would have been lost. Sure they are few and far between but to say the entire race was evil is wrong. To also make it seem like they are still that way is also wrong and that is how I felt the message was being portrayed in the infomercial for Time Life Nazis A Warning From History DVD As Seen On TV.

The Time Life Nazis A Warning From History DVD Series was portrayed with energetic music and in very poor taste. There were tons of things that I found extremely offensive from the lettering and font to the message to the poor decision on images and imagery they choose to show for things like Free Shipping. I will personally be boycotting Time Life for this horrible decision and when I went to their homepage today guess what I found, Nazis A Warning From History listed as their favorite video. I even took a screen shot (I clipped off the bottom) to show you. Time Life you seriously messed up on this one and as a Jew I am truely offended and think you need to run a very large scale run of apologizes and really reconsider who you trust with your video advertising and commercials. I love As Seen On TV products and loved some of your other series but this infomercial for Time Life Nazis A Warning From History was done in such poor taste that I will never ever buy a single product that has the disgusting name Time Life on it again. You can milk money from other people who may give in to companies who run horrible commercials and messaging like this as you will never get another cent from me.

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RollerbladerDC 6 years ago Author


I would say yes to not buying this particular product. I love many Time Life products but this one is being advertised so poorly and in such an offensive way that it would be horrible to support it. Buy Schindler's list or buy a different nazi dvd series. This one is being advertised in a very offensive way and no one on earth should buy it. Unless they support the Nazis.

michelle 6 years ago

I totally agree on how the comercial was done. I was considering getting it because my boyfriend said he wanted it. He is very interested in history and has fought me a lot. I want to get him the dvd so he can explain to me how bad it actually was. I'm from another country that didn't have this kind of access.. would it be so wrong if I get it ? I do feel bad after reading all the above ...??!!

Randal 6 years ago

I just saw the commercial and am at a lack for words. DEPLORABLE! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!

jlzcohen 6 years ago

I agree with everyone. My husband and I just saw the disgusting commercial and were shocked and horrified. Who can we contact to stop this? There may be people who get turned on by watching this. Someone please let me know who to contact.

Ben 6 years ago

I'm surprised that this page is all that showed up in an albeit quick google search after I was left with my mouth hanging in horror as the ad faded from the screen. How is this possible? Where is the outrage at this ghoulish profiteering? I sincerely hope that I'm missing something here -- that we aren't the only ones who noticed and felt this way, and that action is being taken. If not I would like to help any effort to put a stop to this

Anna 6 years ago

well glad to see someone else saw that as offensive. The commercial is way out of line. I felt they were gloryifing the nazis and it was just horrible. totally goes against how I was raised.

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RollerbladerDC 6 years ago Author


I agree completely. Time Life is not a bad company but this decision was in extremely poor judgment. Not only was I offended as a Jew but as a person as well. They have yet to apologize for this but at the same time I don't expect them to. Lets just hope they realize the mistake they made. I still like time life but I am completely offended by this infomercial they ran. It was in extremely poor taste.

Misty 6 years ago

Just saw an ad for this "product" and felt positively nauseated. What happened to Time Life? Why did they feel the need to exploit the Holocaust, infomercial style? "Call NOW!" This is a horrific point in world history, not a Snuggy. Sick.

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RollerbladerDC 6 years ago Author

Time Life usually produces quality products and I am a fan of theirs but this was not only a huge error, it was an extremely offensive one. I still have yet to see an apology from Time Life for their blatant disrespect to Jewish People, Muslims and everyone else who was affected by the Holocaust.

Scott 6 years ago

Quick comment...I saw this too and was equally offended, I was looking on line to show someone the commercial I saw and came across this.

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