Wanted: Rich Islamic Terrorist to Immigrate to United States

The United States is handing out green cards left and right.  The only requirement is that you be from a traditionally Islamic Country. 

The United States imposes very little requirements on citizens of Mid-eastern countries applying for a visa to the United States. The terrorist that hi-jacked the air planes on 9/11 were in this country legally.

On the other hand, Mexicans desiring a visa to enter the United States must exhibit and prove up a long list of documents.  The documents list includes but is not limited to:  birth certificate, bank accounts, list of real property holdings, letter from employer authorizing leave of absence, list of family members living in the U.S., where you will be staying, proof of ability to maintain yourself financially, etc. 

Clearly the only Mexican people that can afford the rigid documentation required by the United States for an entry visa are those involved with the drug cartels. More to the point, the American Embassy people that were killed by the drug cartel in Juarez Mexico were killed because they were giving visa’s to the rival gang.

Many times the United States will require that someone requesting a visa into our country expend political capital or in the alternative if the United States wants to purchase the services of someone (a high ranking official of another country) it will offer them a green card in exchange for services rendered.

There are a lot of Iraq citizens here in the United States some of which have already become United States citizens.  They were granted citizenship because they cooperated with the United States war effort.

These immigrants did not leave their culture and beliefs behind.  They still believe in Islam. They still believe in suicide bombs. And they still believe in the virgins waiting for them in heaven.  They come here with the blessings of our state department expecting the United States to change into an Islamic nation.  What is going to happen when their expectations are not met?

The United States also admits many immigrants that are unworthy of being here.  In 1980 Cuba emptied out its mental hospitals and prisons then these mental hospital inmates and Cuba’s worst criminal prisoners were encouraged to immigrate to the United States.  They did and we accepted them into our society.  We gave them a home and food (welfare), medical care and tried to educate them.  They returned the favor by demanding more government aide. Many of them became violent criminals. Others turned to selling drugs and prostitution. Although Cuba is a communist country we continue to accept their immigrants.

The United States has a history of inviting our enemies into our country.  During World War II many Germans were brought into the United States.  They were not brought here because they hated Hitler.  If that had been the case then more than half of Germany would have immigrated.

After the Korean Conflict the United States was flooded with Korean immigrants.  More over, during the Vietnam Conflict hundreds of thousands of Cambodians, Laos, and Vietnamese were allowed to immigrate to the United States.  

Today we have large numbers of Muslims from traditionally Islamic Countries immigrating to the United States and quickly becoming United States Citizens.  Many are here on a student visa.

They have all brought their Muslim culture with them.  That is ok except that Islam is a jealous religion and political doctrine.  This is one religion that cannot co-exist with other religions.   It is a religion that seeks to eliminate all other religions at any costs.  While Muslims are to be respected we cannot allow this religion to over power our way of life here in the United States. 

Recently there have been several “honor killings” here in the United States.  A father in Dallas killed both his teenage daughters because they chose to live as Americans.  If this person did not want his family to live as Americans, why did he bring his family to America?

More and more the Islamic community is demanding that we change our court system to “Shari Law”.  They are demanding that we at least consider allowing them to choose under which law they should be charged.

If I wanted to live in an Islamic nation I would move to one.  If I wanted to raise my children in a Muslim environment I would move to an Islamic nation.  I guess the real question is this: If you are a Muslim why would you want to live among infidels?

I know we are a nation of emigrants but there has to be some common sense here.  Why are we inviting into our country people that want to change it, by force if necessary, into something else? 


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