Wearing Hijab In The Public Bus: Minnesota Somali Girl

'This is a fictitious comic short story based on true, daily happenings about Hijab'

Every facet of my intelligence is programmed in a certain way to hook up with my religious background and my experience here reflects my daily activities in a free country where you can keep what you came with as the seed of your tomorrow growth in the new world. You might be surprised with how I dress, but before you subconsciously assume something about me, feel free to know me by asking me the right questions, but please do so in a polite way and without wasting my time or kicking about the bush or clouding the issue with a mound of your past mental clutter. When you are curious about me, go to Google and find out if there is any online data about the thing you want to know about me. I know I am a hard to know subject and you need to be awake for at least 24 hours to gather enough research to glimpse the truth behind the curtain of novelty, cultural difference, stereotype, prejudice and every garbage cave where truth haters look for scraps of truth to relieve themselves from their self-imposed misinformation heartburn. Well, when I am riding the bus, don’t tell me I am wearing too much perfume and you are allergic to it because, I think, your nose belongs to a country person in a remote village on the far corner of planet earth where they never heard of scents, let alone ride a public bus where republicans and democrats who never sit together in a place like this are forced to sit together by the circumstances because, let us, they have a bad day that their daily, usual, and reliable transportation was grounded by God.

Let me tell you this, how do you see my Hijab? Well, your answer does not matter because the Constitution of the United States addresses the question of Freedom of Religion and because of this Constitutional protection of my rights, I already chose to wear a Hijab, so please, don’t be offended because I am not telling you to wear one. Oh! Wait the minute, do you dislike Hijab and you cannot stand the sheer fact of seeing it on me? Then I would give you a sisterly advice: Just ignore me and if you do that and practice it for a while, it might be easier for you not to see a cloth of a Hijab riding with you in the public bus. I mean, assume my Hijab as drapes hanging on a window that is not yours. What is the big deal of being worried about somebody else’s stuff? Isn’t that crazy? I mean, worrying pointlessly about somebody else’s business that does not interfere in yours! Oh my god! That is crazy indeed!

The other day, while coming out from the grocery store pushing this full cart towards my 2010 car in the parking lot [(I don’t want to tell you what kind of car), I was unexpectedly accosted by a sranger about my Hijab and she asked a long confusing question, which had something to do with the possibility that wearing Hijab was forced upon me by my husband…I told this stranger…”Get a Job!…”---well, this isn’t going anywhere, let me talk to you (the reader) directly without telling you about this curious but homeless stranger hanging out in front of grocery stories. Well, my husband is a good husband in the first place and I love him very much. He is coincidentally amiable too. Well, forget my husband for a while and let me come back to the real issue…mmm… wearing Hijab is my religious responsibility and I chose being religious and politically correct at the same time, please don’t tell me to strip my Hijab like the way a tree in a wintertime strips itself all its leaves. I mean if I strip my Hijab, what will you see? Is it possible that you will see four breasts hanging on my chest? That is highly unlikely!

I keep my Hijab because of my faith and I will never throw away and if you tell me right now that you want to make me the 1 # model of the world with the potential of making millions of dollars but with the condition of giving up my Hijab, I will turn it down on the spot. So, please don’t tell me about money; you cannot buy me.

Do you feel as if I am talking to you like I am mad at you or something? No, no. I am not mad at you at all; I am just telling you my side of the story as an American Muslim female. I am not hiding anything from you and I am not a person of secrecy like Tiger Woods; I am just sharing with you the little knowledge that wearing Hijab is not culture or something forced upon me by my husband. Rather, I am giving you a precious piece of information that you don’t have, which says loud and clear that wearing Hijab is my religious responsibility and I will never abandon; this religious responsibility of mine is not about this world or a professional success like Michael Jordan. Rather, I am talking about the Day of Judgment and the Reward of Hereafter; if I disobey God here on Earth, things will not be that good for me in the Hereafter. Wait the minute! If you don’t believe in God, after life or my version of God, please don’t feel offended; be an atheist if you like! I am not imposing anything on you! I have only been telling you all the time you were reading, “Please lend me your ears and hear what I have to say about the reason I'm wearing Hijab," but you were as stubborn as two-year old spoilt child! You're good now!

Non-Muslim girls wore a hijab into public, as a part of a project for their global studies class

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