What is Solar Energy

What is Solar Energy

A more precise definition of solar energy is simply: it is energy from the sun. But what is really solar energy? There are two types of solar energy: thermal energy and electricity.

Thermal energy

Thermal energy is everywhere. She brightens our days. It heats the earth, our bodies and our homes. It dries our clothes for us. All this for free! It is also used to heat water for domestic use or even swimming pools.

There are two ways in which water can be heated:

  1. Actively, when a conventional heating element in your solar heating system heats the water on a hot day.
  2. Passively, when water is preheated before being sent to the input of a conventional device cold water heating electric or gas.


The electrical energy using solar power to generate electricity through solar cells, also known as photovoltaic. This can be applied in three ways:

  1. Autonomous;
  2. Connected to a Grid;
  3. Autonomous support: also called Solar Home System: a system not connected to the Grid. Most times these systems are installed in remote areas where there is no power from the Grid, such as far-flung holiday cottages.

It's often cheaper to install a solar energy system than to build power lines to the site. The energy produced in excess can be stored in a battery, ready to use on days when there is no sun.

Connected to the Grid

A system where electricity is linked to the Grid, but where the owners want to collect clean energy and free through the sun, usually in search of living a more sustainable and more environmentally friendly life. Electricity is supplied primarily by the solar energy system, then the battery connected, if any was installed, and finally by the Grid if it becomes necessary.

Autonomous support

A system connected to a grid with poor reliability or a very low quality. This type of apparatus is usually installed in areas where there are frequent power failures. A small system will serve the most important electrical appliances and lights, but will need a larger system to keep the fridge running during the power outage.

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