Reaping what we sow


The president lying to not only the people he represents but the people of the world. Government sanctioned torture. Pedophiles getting elected to congress. Congressmen selling their vote. Governors selling their power of appointment. Congressmen taking bribes. Prostitution and adultery among elected officials.

Policemen lying to get a conviction. City officials using code violations to get revenge for alleged wrongs. Entire police departments acting as a security force for drug runners. Police sodomizing suspects with police batons.

These are all actions that only a third world country would tolerate. RIGHT? Wrong. These are the actions and, dare I say it, the morals of the most powerful nation on the planet earth.

A nation taking a majority interest in banks. A nation seeking an ownership interest in big business. A nation where the government is a large part all big business. A local government that has its own home building construction company. A local government that uses its tax dollars to form for profit business to compete against small business owners.

The above has to be some South American dictatorship. Right? Wrong! All the above are actions taking place right now in the United States of America.

What has the United States of America become? When did it happen? How did it happen? Who let it happen? But, most importantly, can these wrongs be corrected? And, how can they be corrected?

Some would subscribe to the thesis that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the greatest nation on earth. Others just accept these events as fact without passing judgment one way or the other. A small minority points to the leaders of the nation and swear that a change in leadership will cure what ails the nation. But what is it exactly that ails the nation?

My theory is none of the above. The America I know is suffering from “democratic participation apathy”. A democracy is totally dependent upon the general electorate to keep it free and healthy. Unfortunately our electorate has elected to abdicate its assigned task, namely the care and preservation of the democratic form of government. We, the electorate, have reassigned our responsibility to crooks, sex fends, criminals, and every sort of undesirable available in a society. This is more than voter apathy. This is more than a disinterest in politics.

If we chose to we could demand high morals and leadership skills of our elected officials. We have the power, we have the means, we have the - vote.

Instead we have chosen to worship the greed and morally corrupt. If a candidate for office is honest, we will not vote for that person. Why? Our abdication of duty lies in the fact that we want the easy way out. Nothing to complicated. Nothing to hard. Nothing to exhausting.

We expect candidates to tell us who to vote for in every election. They do this by the use of the dollar. The candidate with the most money usually wins. The more money a candidate has the more money can be used for “information” campaigns. And of course the message is vote for me. And that is exactly what we do because we are too lazy to research the facts for ourselves.

So, are we facing the beginning of the end, or are we just unlucky in electing a leader? None of the above. We are just a lazy society and probably deserve what we get.


Pancho Villa - a bleeding heart liberal Revolutionary.

Work with nature - plant a tree for more oxygen and less pollution.

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