Why I Support President Obama Today


Key Reasons To Feel OK For Now With The President

One problem that I find with endorsement blogs is that the authors of these pieces usually support their candidates based on ideology, often omitting some key points about their candidate of choice. So I would like to throw out some caveats concerning my support for President Barack Obama. If one were to ask me if I had any misgivings about supporting him outright, the answer would be of course on a variety of areas which would include the expansion of the Bush big brother networks, the continued violations of our civil rights - most importantly the stripping away of habeas corpus from American citizens - and the lack of any real policy to fight global warming. I would also have to mention, the continued war in Afghanistan which seems to be getting worse by the week and to date, no one has offered a real picture of what an end goal may look like. And yes I too am against the bail out of the banks. Unlike most of my friends I did support the bailout of the auto industry, however. But all of these issues aside I also see a great deal of progress that this country has made, much of which has been forgotten about in our great land of amnesia.

The Lilly Ledbetter bill was passed and signed into law just days after President Barack Obama made it into the White House. The legislation guarantees equal pay for women doing the same job as their male counter parts. For the first time it would have been illegal set someone’s wages based upon sex. Unfortunately the Republican run Supreme Court overturned the law.

According to recent reports, GOP candidate Mitt Romney has stated he wouldn’t pursue any legislation limiting a woman’s access to getting an abortion. He wouldn’t need to! If he wins the White House and if the Republicans wins the Senate and maintain or expands their control of the US House of Representatives the new Tea Party legislators, (after all the tea baggers now claim control over the Republican party), would fast-track new bills abolishing a woman’s right to chose in all 50 states. And by all indications, Mitt Romney would sign one or possibly all of these bills into law. And with possibly two or more federal judges currently sitting on the US Supreme Court retiring within the next few years, under a Mitt Romney administration it would be certain that the one to two justices would be replaced by John Robertson clones. If one or both are young enough, they would the pillars of the most right leaning court in this country’s history for years to come. So it is possible American women would have to travel overseas, those who could afford it, just to get the procedure done. However, if any of the fetus personhood laws become a reality, it would be safe to assume that many of these women would be brought up on murder charges once they return home. Explain that one to your daughters.

Despite all the rhetoric, President Barack Obama is not giving Israel carte blanche to attack Iran. This fact seems to have gotten lost somewhere in the question asked during the third Presidential debates of whether if either candidate would stand with Israel if the country were attacked. Predictably both Obama and Romney would defend the Jewish state should it come under fire. But the question is a bit odd since it is Israel who is threatening an assault on its neighbors. Thankfully President Obama has not been willing to go along with such an insane move, which would undoubtedly destabilize the whole region. Such a situation would lead to an absolute blood bath which would be felt on our own shores.

It seems like I’m in the minority but I support the President’s health care plan to a great extent but certainly there are clear problems with it, most notably that it is not true universal healthcare. But there are some key provisions Americans will benefit from. First off no one can be denied health care coverage based on a preexisting condition and young adults will not be kicked off their parents insurance policy until they turn 26.

And finally this is probably an unrealistic hope more than anything else but there is some mention of the New York Time’s Paul Krugman being on the president’s short list to replace Tim Geithner who recently announced he is returning to Wall Street. Krugman seems to support a true main street bailout which includes a moratorium on home foreclosures. He also mentioned that the 2009 bail should have been at least three times as large and should have gone to real job creation programs which would not be so different from Roosevelt’s New Deal.

So while there are plenty of reasons for progressives to be concerned regarding many of Obama’s policies, such as the decision to use drones overseas and here at home, along with keeping Wall Street fat and well fed, there should be enough bright spots for us on the left to feel good about what we have until a truly viable third party breaks through our horrid political glass ceiling. But most important, Mitt Romney would have been a disaster like we have never seen.

Until Next Time…

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ChristyWrites profile image

ChristyWrites 3 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Good political sentiments here Matt. I am pleased that Obama is in for 4 more years. I am in Canada but still take an interest in US politics given the country relationships. Vote up and useful.

Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron E Shenko 3 years ago

Matt, Obama and Romney would defend the Jewish state should it come under fire. I think Romney is like a brush fire, he goes what ever way the blows.

Obama Care, I am with you on this one also.

I am glad you commented on my hub.

Voted you Up UAI will share!

maab30 profile image

maab30 3 years ago from News And Art From The Left Author

Hey Shyron:

Thanks, for the vote and for commenting on this piece. I will read more of your pieces when I have time to breath.

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