Recycling Is Cool!

Thriftiness Is The New Trendy!


Markets around the country are booming! There has been a shift in the nature of buying and selling.

The anticipation of buyers is palpable as they scurry amongst the stalls. The lure of the next treasure that lies within the piles of pre-loved and never-loved cast-offs. A mayhem of buying and selling. But market-goers should give themselves a pat on the back! All doing their bit to protect the planet! Scroungers too tight to pay a fair price, collectors passionately in the hunt for their next prize, bargain addicts chasing those bargains too good to resist!

The increasing concern for the environment has legitimized buying second-hand!   Markets are the new “cool”! Scrounging is being eco-friendly. Op-shops or markets, you no longer have to hide your bargain shopping. Now it is protecting the environment! Thriftiness is the new “clever”!

Though the lure of the bargain may have been greater than any use or need for what was bought, and though it may end up at your next garage sale, continuing the cycle of recycle, one man’s trash may well find a new home as another man’s new treasure!

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