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Average score: 58%

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Your partner is able to forgive you any hurtful actions because he/she trusts and believes you.

Your partner treats you, 99 percent of the time, with respect and love.

Your partner feels responsible for your health and happiness.

In conflict situations, your partner does not overreact, injure, or penalize you.

Your partner is able to reach a compromise during arguments.

Your partner enjoys the physical and emotional closeness with you.

Your partner does not make you feel jealous.

Your partner makes decisions together with you.

Your partner expresses freely his/her needs and feelings towards you.

Your partner is reliable. When your partner says he/she will do something, he/she is actually doing it.

If your partner cannot maintain his/her commitment, he/she would explain, apologize, and try to find the best solution.

Your partner does his/her best in a relationship.

Your partner has a positive attitude to his/her romance with you.

Your partner does not feel directly threatened by critics.

Your partner thinks again about his/her standpoint, and he/she is willing to change it.

Your partner makes early his/her intentions clear towards you.

Your partner does not assume that you would guess his/her feelings.

Your partner makes you feel comfortable to talk with him/her about everything what is bothering you.

Your partner does not make your life difficult and miserable.

Your partner introduces you to his/her friends and family ASAP.

Your partner does not see his/her relationship as something very difficult to manage, or as a hard work.

Your partner does not fear dependency or commitment in a relationship.

Your partner does not assume that he/she knows better your needs than you, and he/she bears in mind your wishes.

Your partner does not make unqualified comments as, “all women are…” or “all men want…” etc.

Your partner doesn't do calculations and doesn't make you feel guilty when you don’t call or write as often as they do.