Relationship Style Questionnaire - Quiz A Quiz Statistics

This quiz has been taken 918 times.

Average score: 40%

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Your partner does not require lots of intimacy and closeness in a relationship.

Your partner is not willing to commit; because of circumstances or work there is no room for a serious romance.

Without any commitment, your partner would stick around you (in separated households) even for several years.

Your partner walks out or runs away during an argument, or he/she freaks out.

Your partner does not like to talk about your relationship.

His/her intentions are cryptic; his/her plans are left unclear and vague.

His/her relationships are often almost impossible, like a partner who lives miles away or is married.

Your partner does not say “I love you” easily and often.

Your partner, to destroy the romantic feelings, likes to focus on your imperfections, sees only the negative in you.

Your partner likes flirting with others.

His/her independence, it is the most important ‘thing’. He/she indicates that they need lots of room for themselves.

Your partner speaks diminishing about his/her former partners.

Your partner speaks about you with disapproval, ‘you’re too needy’, ‘you’re paranoid’, or ‘you’re too sensitive’.

Your partner insists on boundaries between you and them.

His/her view of a partnership is unrealistic idealized.

Your partner likes to pull away when everything in the connection between you looks fantastic.

Walking with you, your partner would not want to hold hands. He/she prefers to walk ahead of you, or somehow separated.

Your partner would not willingly introduce you to friends or family.

Your partner was not loyal to his/her ex-partners.

Your partner would ignore your emotional needs.

Your partner would assume malicious actions from your side.

Your partner suspects that you would want to marry them because of his/her status or just to trap them into a marriage.

Your partner is keen to meet “the ideal one and only one,” but for some unspecified reason it has not ever worked out.

Your partner would not treat you with enough respect, overestimate himself/herself, and put you down.

Your partner desires to be in an ideal relationship; he/she would make you believe that it is not this one.