Adult Attachment Test - Quiz B Quiz Statistics

This quiz has been taken 563 times.

Average score: 29%

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Your partner does ‘read’ your mind, and he/she is afraid that you would leave or divorce them.

Your partner would put you on a pedestal, overestimate your talents and underestimate theirs.

Your partner fears that even tiny mishaps would end the romance.

Your partner would excessive try to create contact with you, using too often phone, email, or text.

Your partner would keep score how long took you to return their call or email and waiting just as long to return theirs.

Your partner would make you feel jealous to keep your attention.

Your partner thinks that they must do ‘hard work’ to keep you engaged in the romance.

Your partner would want, more than usual, physical closeness in the relationship.

Your partner is disappointed when being a single and is desperate to find a partner; would think, 'I’ll end up alone'.

Your partner is suspicious about your loyalty.

Your partner, after disagreements, would show you cold shoulders, or they would behave uninterested, pretend to be busy.

Your partner worries a lot that you might reject them.

Your partner is excessively concerned about the relationship.

Your partner would allow you to decide about the future of the partnership because they fear to get hurt.

Your partner would manipulate, acting unapproachable, or he/she would act hostile, or leave the room while you speak.

Your partner wants to spend the spare time with you. If it is not possible, they would manipulate you to make it happen.

He/she likes to know about your ex to figure out how they look in comparison, and if you are still in love with them,

Your partner tries too hard to please you.

Your partner is suspicious that you might be unfaithful.

Your partner would run through your things looking for evidence of your disloyalty.

Your partner does not trust you; without your allowance, he/she would try to read your private e-mails.

Your partner would call and text you often, or they would stop doing it and thin-skinned wait for you to contact them.

Often during an argument, your partner treats you to leave. Shortly after, they would change their mind.

Your partner would not talk about his/her needs; however, one day they would complain that nobody cares for him/her.

Your partner interprets your doing in his/her own way. Example, you work longer, they think, you don’t love them anymore