Effective tips for love and successful marriage in old age

Mature love

The other day I was in the hospital for a routine check up when I saw an old couple coming in. As I watched, the old gentleman said something to his wife and his aged wife gave him a shy smile. Might be a compliment, I thought. What caught my attention was the visible rapport between them and throughout my stay in the hospital I could see my eyes following them. I got to talk with the old lady and she said that her husband was a heart patient and last night he had complained of chest pain and hence both had come to see the doctor.

She was very worried. ‘My heart is filled with you and nothing could happen to it’ he made fun of her to which she smiled. I was amazed and touched by this mellow display of love. Love in your young age is full of vigor, vitality and energy. Your married life can be called successful only when you are able to carry over the same feelings into your old age. Your love should thrive and bloom in your old age also.

This cannot happen if there are no efforts to craft your marriage to success when you are young. Marriage is always about sharing everything, be it happiness, sorrow, success or failure with equal love and fortitude. When there are no problems, couples find it uncomplicated to enjoy their life as the going is easy and tension free. But their marriage is plunged into failure when they are faced with problems.

Couples who deviate from one another when problems strike them will never enjoy the bliss of old age love. Old age love is totally different, mellow and full of relaxed togetherness. You have time in hand to enjoy life as you want to. When you are young you are in a mad and hectic search of materialistic affluence. You have no aptitude to spend precious time together and days flash past in work, stress, tension and duties to be fulfilled.

Your children are young and dependent on you and you work hard to make their life secure. Your spouse helps you financially and your full attention is to make yourself successful and thriving. In the process you fail to enjoy your married life as it should be. In your pressure, you fight with your spouse over petty things and days are lost in bitterness and you feel that your hard work is never acknowledged.

As days go by, you feel your old age approaching. At least now, you should take efforts to make your marriage have the essence of love. Your duties are over and your children are capable of looking after themselves and the remaining days are yours to bring back the love you missed in your young age.

You should be financially independent to be happy in your old age. You have to make arrangements for old age financial independence when you are young. Though money by itself can never bring happiness, it is an indispensable requirement for you to lead your old age as you want to. Spend the rest of your life in doing things for which you had no time in your young days.

Plan some trips to places you wanted to see and you will be amazed to find a mature happiness in the time you spend with your spouse. Never lose your sense of humor as it makes your life content and joyful. You should be well groomed and well dressed. You both should present a picture of mature elegance. Take long walks together and talk about anything in the world.

Get up early in the morning and enjoy the pleasure of a hot cup of tea together. Read the papers leisurely and help your spouse in the household chores and cooking. With tons of relaxed time in your hand, experience your life as an enjoyment. You should share together all the good things life with a sense of gratification and fulfillment that you are together to live through your mature love.

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rambansal profile image

rambansal 3 years ago from India

A very relevant issue and a thoughtful understandable advice. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

Angela Blair profile image

Angela Blair 3 years ago from Central Texas

Wonderful, heartfelt Hub. I see, as society has changed over these last years, more and more elderly couples still having to labor to put food on the table with little time left over for what should be the golden years -- and it's sad. It's amazing the part economies play in relationships. Best/Sis

MsDora profile image

MsDora 3 years ago from The Caribbean

Expressions of love by mature couples always get my attention too--proof that love lasts and increases, not diminishes with time.

Scribenet profile image

Scribenet 3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I agree, when one sees mature love there is a sense of awe. It is truly wonderful to behold.

mathira profile image

mathira 3 years ago from chennai Author

rambansal, thank you for your encouraging comments.

mathira profile image

mathira 3 years ago from chennai Author

If you plan for your old age when you are young, I am sure you will feel that old age love has more depth than love in your young age. Thank you Angela.

mathira profile image

mathira 3 years ago from chennai Author

Love in old age is always worth respect MsDora.

denise.w.anderson profile image

denise.w.anderson 3 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

Expression of love as couples age are rare, indeed, yet so needed in our society. I think that people didn't live as long previously, and growing old together was less common due to early deaths. The value we place on family togetherness throughout life will make a difference on our ability to express love toward one another as we near the end of our lives.

AmandaJon profile image

AmandaJon 3 years ago

You hub is fantastic, I really enjoyed it! Voted up!

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