Why black men turn to hispanic and caucasion women!

      It's rather sad! Maybe it's just the lack of self-worth, as to why these Caucasion and Hispanic women, allow black men to treat them so badly! It seems to me that they pick up the black men that black women don't usually want, or anyone wants! I will give you a couple of examples, and if you are one of those women, and you want to get all upset and defensive, just prove to me how I am wrong!

     First situation is a black men that has 3 kids, in different areas of the world, by three different women! He doesn't see them or even know them well enough to bond with them. What kind of woman would want to be with a man who treats his children wrong? Well, that would be the Hispanic women that seems to have been culturally abused and think they deserve nothing good! So this man meets a girl online and talks to her for 3 weeks. She knows of his children that he doesn't take care of, yet falls madly inlove and wants to get married,within 3 weeks! The day after their marriage, he cheats on her, she finds out and stays with him! Why? Because she feels she is nothing and deserves nothing, but that! Tell me how many black women would take that?

     Then there is the white girl, who picks up the trash and feels she is somebody because she has the black man who will give her curly hair, brown skin babies! Seriously? The guy doesn't work, stays home, doesn't cook or clean and treats her like crap! She isn't even married to him and he takes her paychecks and runs her life, not to mention, he gives her no emotional or physical love! Now, what black woman would take that?

     These are the men that black women don't want! The difference here is that when Black Women marry a white man, they marry a man that brings something to the table! One that works hard and treats them like a queen. What is wrong with this scenario? Think about it! Don't get mad at me because I am telling about your pathetic situation that you don't have the strength to do anything about!

     Did you ever think that this is why you(hispanic and caucasions) end up with these black men? These are the black men that real, strong black women didn't want, better known as their trash! So, while you are smiling about having a black man in your life, with your brown skinned, curly hair babies, just know that black women aren't looking at you as if you stole their property, they are looking at you with disgust!

     Some of you will say that isn't me, but you know that somewhere in your relationship, that black man runs your life, or your jealous of all his moves, worried that he will leave you. You can make up all the excuses in the world, as to how your situation is different, but deep down, when you get angry at me for writing this, it's because you know I am right!

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LL C 12 months ago

Sorry black men don't mix well with Hispanic women I'm a Hispanic male I think it is fucked up that I'm not chosen over other races I'm Hispanic she's hispanic we come from the same flock I think other races need to stop interfering with our cultural ora white and black seem to get a Hispanic women not right UA Hispanic men don't get no play in our own culture I think people have forgotten were they come from to busy putting on an fake image of something other than who they are .

Katie 19 months ago

Totally racist and just ignorant

a black man 21 months ago

Black womens bad energy and bad choices in men are what is really bringing the world down. I have so many smart black friends over looked by black women dating thugs and these guys just want happiness. Black women wake up in there mid to late 20s and want a good guy. I rarely see black women take responsibility for anything only deflect so whatever. Another thing i dont get is that women of today had nothing to do with the crazyiness of the past. Because others did stuff years ago people who may live anywhere in the world are hated by black women. Also because of who my parents had sex with now i have to marry so and so. Just crazy

black woman 24 months ago

As far as Hispanic women I don't agree with you on that one Hispanic women is just as crazy as black women..no I don't want my son's to date out their race..the only other race besides my own I would except is a Hispanic woman...white women is a no go period....

black woman 24 months ago

I truly understand what your msg is...I'm a true believer of people should stay in their own race...my opinion..also it do bothers me to see white woman with black men...not because I'm jealous..I'm married and have 4 sons..however our people are lost..after all the rape..murder..lies..stealing..how could you look into the eyes of that race of people and say I love you...have families with put up in nice houses and cars...the white race is whicked...period...we as black woman have to step up..we are the most beautiful Godessess on this planet earth...we have to many successful inelegant wonderful loving black woman in this world for you to go off and give yourself to a white woman..I have 4 handsome sons and I no one day their choices will be out of my control all I can do is try to guide them in the right direction on this subject...black women have been rubbed for our men for hundreds of years for many different wicket reasons...it was at one point white women hated and torched sold beat killed poisoned..don't forget lied on our men that coused mad massacres oil many black communities claiming a black man raped them...now the white woman wants to who're for them...have babies with them marry them..one wrong move that white woman will trip you for everything you worked so hard for..many will say all white people are not the same..that's what you think...My kings I'm raising is going to have black woman period

chyina 2 years ago

Well part of this maybe true I am black &was is a situation where my ex dated. Nothing but mexicans he said i was to smart mouth and he wanted a easy ride his gurl was paying all his Bill's and he was beating her ass !!smh when he tried to do that to me i just couldn't deal she had spoiled him so much and took so much of his bs that he couldn't deal with a strong woman i also have Latino and mexicn friends and family and they dont all take bs and they are strong individuals. .

Someone 2 years ago

I'm actually in the exact opposite of what you stated. I'm a Latin girl with a black man and he treats me like a queen and works soo damn hard, and he's so young! There's always an exception

Mexican Woman 2 years ago

I don't know who your sources are but Mexican woman speak their minds, ALOT. We have attitudes, we are loud, and we know what we want just like any other woman. Try not to be so ignorant and degrading. In any race there are going to be educated women and women who might have not had the opportunity. You should never talk down to people who are less educated than yourself, it's just sad. On another note, every relationship is different. If you have nothing nice to say... you know the rest.

Beyond-Politics profile image

Beyond-Politics 2 years ago from The Known Universe (beyond.the.spectrum@gmail.com)

I'm not going to judge someone's reasoning...after all, we all bring our individual experiences and social conditionings to whatever type of relationship we engage in.

However, it's a common belief that we black men "just can't stand a 'strong' black woman" when it addressing the issue of our ethnic/racial preferences. The problem is that many black women don't know the difference between being "strong" and being "assertive." Many black men opt for other-than-black women because of the lack of attitudinal, mouthy, and combativeness found in many black women. These are masculine traits, and men do not want women with masculine traits. It's not a manifestation of "insecurity" on the parts of black men (as black women might think) as an acknowledgement that black women who exhibit these traits simply lack self-control and discipline...something that could be potentially detrimental to ANY relationship. It's too much to expect a black male to go out and deal with the trials and challenges of facing the world in a daily basis---and then expect him to come home and deal with an argumentative woman. If a black woman is going to "be strong," then fine---use your "strength: to bolster the man, not challenge him constantly just because you have a mouth. We're supposed to be on the same team, not opponents.

And as a final observation, all men (especially black men) all want the same thing--a woman who doesn't always make HER feelings/desires the center issue of the relationship. It's should be about OUR feelings, not YOUR feelings. A woman's emotional urges should not be the single (or primary) barometer by which decisions should be made, or how the relationship should move.

profile image

randyblackladbrad 2 years ago

BLACK MEN BLACK WOMEN DON'T WANT?????????If that's the case,these Latin ladies should get the VERY BEST of us black lads (i.e.,

I'm a black Canadian lad,61,regarded pinup boy handsome,muscular,beefy-I'm 5'9",205-210 lb.,boasting 181/2" arms,though like a LOT of older chaps,I'm attempting to lose about 25 lb.-trying to become a Country music song-writer and said to resemble a handsome black cowboy stud IN AND OUT of my Wranglers jeans and other casual and/or Western garb.Throw in my 150-160 IQ-GENIUS LEVEL!!!!-and I fit the "life-size Brad doll" mold NEARLY PERFECTLY!!!!!)

Anyway,MOST black women wouldn't want me,as they'd push aside a handsome,brainy,successful black dude for a stupid,ugly,nasty "gangsta" wannabe (or in many cases,the real deal Holyfield [sorry,"Commander Vander"]THUG!!!!!!!

black B1G engineer 2 years ago

This article is hilarious and aloof to the reality of successful african american men. Trying to rationalize why black men dating outside the race by denigrating people is a bad tact. My group of black male friends are all college educated in difficult lucrative majors, no kids and each are very respectful people. None date african american females really because each of my friends have very real experiences of african american women picking the non-intellectual type, street type over them and getting love from women of other races. Simple. Hope this article helps you sleep at night because reality for most this is not.

a black guy 2 years ago

You are obviously not going to listen to anyone else since you think that anyone who disagrees is simply mad. However most of the educated ambitious black men date outside their race due to being ridiculed for being "too white" so it's exactly the opposite. I would call your opinion ignorant but ignorance can listen,learn and be ccured.

black man 2 years ago


smoot 2 years ago

Sounds like a black man left u for a white or Mexican woman

anon 2 years ago

But they do think you stole their property. I'm sure it has it has nothing to do the nasty ass hair or bad attitudes that often come with african american women.

Dav 2 years ago

Well this is a biased opinion, how can you actually justify your claim. Did you put any effort doing statistical studies or any kind of surveys from different regions, I don't think so. Your opinion has no fact or holds no merit to it. I suggest you stop paying attention to the stereotypes you see and hear about black men. Once you do that you will see black men are some of the most kindest people on earth. In your case it seems you have a one sided view of things and just not opening up to the fact that there are hispanic women out there who have good black men, not trash treat them better than any other man of any race.

jan 2 years ago

This is sad that you believe this . I feel you have issues and the way you talk about women from other races is a disgrace . Just because they are dating your kind doesn't make him your property. People should allow to date and love who they want and race should not be an issue. If you feel like people are taking your kind of men then you should check yourself and see why this man left to begin with. The funny part is you assume there men with lot of children or not educated that sad that you label them this way because I guarantee this not there label you gave them because if it was why so jealous .

Liz 3 years ago

Oookkk Marlene wondering where your getting your facts from.... Not at all there are way to many intelligent and successful black men that go for hispanic or white girls and no we don't go for the men black women don't want iv that

alexandra 3 years ago

You have to be kidding right? Black men black women don't want? Is that why so many black women are crying and throwing a fit when a good looking or ambitious black man is with a white woman? Say what you want but black women are the race of women who are most likely not to get married or have children out of wedlock and usually more then one. By dead beats or men that will never want anything more then them being there " babymama " shit they don't even want them to be that. Truth hurts it is what it is. I exclusivelydate handsome blackmen . That treat me like the queen I am. I respect myself and they respect me. I've never been with a bad black man ever. An attempt for a black woman to try to make herself seem better or whatever when in reality she's probably single and lonely and trying to act like she feels sorry for these women. Failed relationships happen in every race. Especially in black communities!

jay 3 years ago

I think that you are wrong and right .I'm black and I believe that any one can date anyone they want to...because it's their right.doo. apparently you have some issues and is in your feelings so....yeah....

No agenda 3 years ago

Why do people think that interracial dating cant happen without an agenda.

marlenedrake profile image

marlenedrake 4 years ago from Nevada Author

Nicely put. I didn't intend to offend anyone. I was simply stating situations that I kept seeing. I have, recently, been told by many of the women, who are Mexicans , that they aren't allowed to speak their minds. I don't tell them what to do but I do inform them that they are beautiful and have every right to be respected. I wrote this to open the minds of some, not to say that all are this way. Thank you for your comment.

marlenedrake profile image

marlenedrake 4 years ago from Nevada Author

for Maria...hmm. You speak as though you are ignorant. These are my opinion, based on situations and people, in which I have met. You summed of what I wrote, very well. Educated? You? My dear, you don't act like it with your words.

Read this part again...You can make up all the excuses in the world, as to how your situation is different, but deep down, when you get angry at me for writing this, it's because you know I am right!

marlenedrake profile image

marlenedrake 4 years ago from Nevada Author

for Maria...hmm. You speak as though you are ignorant. These are my opinion, based on situations and people, in which I have met. You summed of what I wrote, very well. Educated? You? My dear, you don't act like it with your words.

Read this part again...You can make up all the excuses in the world, as to how your situation is different, but deep down, when you get angry at me for writing this, it's because you know I am right!

Maria 4 years ago

I am not going to give you a long explanation to my life. I will tell you that I am (a Mexican-American)also dating a black man. Your ignorance makes me laugh!!!

My African-American boyfriend and I are "from the hood." He is from the west side of Chicago. I'm from the south side of Chicago. We are both college educated. We both don't have kids. He treats me like a queen. Why? Because I give him and myself respect.

Keep spreading your garbage. It is because of women like you that black men choose us! Not your ignorant-ass!!!

Confident Mexican Woman 4 years ago

I want you to know I am in no way disappointed or offended by your opinion. I respect your opinio fully and you had really a valid point but now read mine.

You have every right to your opinion. I have to say you could be on point for some woman! I am a hispanic woman that is currently dating a black man and really honestly it has nothing to do with color. He is a hard working black man, he is my best friend no he doesn't have kids he doesn't take care of either. I love the dark skin which also mexican men have especially if they are born in we call "la costa". I am with him because he treats me like a queen should be treated. Yes like any relationship we have disagreements and in some instances agree to disagree. We have great communication and respect each other because really that's what grown men and woman should do. Drama, high school, gossiping please seeing is believing and some people to busy looking what's going on in your; all up in the coolaid and don't even know the flavor, and they forget to take care of their own nest.

I partially agree with your comments but like I said its true for some woman; however its not completely on point. People make the mistake and assume they know everything. Not all hispanic woman take a cheater back at least most woman I know. I'm a mexican woman with pride and confidence and will not let a man make me feel less than what I'm worth no matter what his color,creed or race. God created us all equal but with rights to choose our own path. I will never say I wouldn't take a man back after cheating but I prefer not to ever find out. To me if things are really that bad a man has to look outside his home to get some then communication has suffered. Sad sad.

You say black woman don't allow it your right they wouldn't but there are scandales black men married to a good black woman have beautiful children yet still trying to get their game on right under their noses many successful. I've met many married black men who have, I have been solicited but a married can be spotted by his actions, and one must never give up the cookies until you know who and what your dealing with., straight scandales if I didn't have the respect I do for myself and other woman I could have. Suffisticated well groomed black men out to get their game on at what price? This happens in any race. You have to be open minded have friends in all cultured and not afraid to see reality.

I don't give up my cookies to the 1st man that gives me a compliment that's plain stupid. The problem is I'm selfish, I'm proud, confident mexican woman and I don't want to share; I want a man that is only for me. I don't want to be anyones second choice I want to be 1st and only.

Bottom line I'm not with a black man because he's black or cuz. He can give me brown skin, beautiful, curly hair babies because I can have that with a mexican man, ect. I'm with this man because he treats me good, because he is a real man. He is who God chose for me when I wasn't looking. I'm not a saint and I'm not perfect and I refuse to be a hypocrate.

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