Online Dating.

online dating has impeded relationship-building

Online dating has really impeded relationship building. Online dating back when it first started was an avenue for a guy and a girl to meet and talk via the internet, not minding the race, tribe color, religion. It was an open field for networking, having pen pals and so on. People could communicate with other people from a distant without minding. Sometimes they arrange to meet in persons (one on one) after months or years of talking on the net. I remember back in the earlier days when people where really hooking up through the internet, It was fun.

I had many foreign friends whom I was really close to through internet. I remember this particular guy from the states. He would call me every time and any time, even late at night. Many girls in Nigeria got married to foreigners through chatting on the internet. It was really a wonderful experience looking back, until it all changed suddenly. Internet scammers set in, took advantage of people and stripped them of everything they had. It was even more shameful when I found out that 70% of these scammers came from my country.

Online dating has impeded relationship building because no one knows whom to trust anymore so people are not really dating on line anymore. Formally, when you are bored and lonely and cannot find a date around you, the internet was the best, most private and most conducive place to meet someone. Now, all that has changed because of scammers. Those who have refused to stop going on line in search of foreign spouses have lost all there some or even most of their assets to scammers.

Online dating has become a nightmare to online users. Many people have stopped dating whom or whom they were dating online because of fear that they might be talking to the wrong person. Like myself, I personally lost contact with all my foreign friends due to fear of not being scammed. It became so bad that no one wanted to chat with strangers anymore. Since the introduction or invading of these scammers, statistically the rate of online relationships has dropped and is still dropping. Therefore, you see, online dating has impeded relationship building. Thank you.


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