10 Dating Tips from Sex and the City

10 Dating Tips from Sex and the City

We can not deny the impact that the "Sex and the City" had on contemporary dating. Ask any single and cosmopolitan woman and she will no doubt be familiar with the adventures of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

We can all learn from this TV series that exposes every detail of the search for love in the modern world. Below are the 10 tips for dating from "Sex and the City".

1. It is not bad being single - This is perhaps the most important lesson that the "Sex and the City" brought to the world, particularly with regard to women. Despite being single has never brought happiness to any of the four characters, they seem to enjoy 90% of the time. Being single means being independent and with a backdrop of fairy tale in Manhattan, the series has made us comfortable with the idea of being single. These women are not spinsters - they are cosmopolitan sex bombs. Refreshing, indeed.

2. Sex can be healthy - Let's admit it: the sex has changed for us all when the AIDS virus began to take life in the 80's. Although we learned more about the disease and how it contracts in 90's, this association between sex and death remains in the community of singles. With that comes the guilt for having casual sex. The entrance of "Sex and the City" in 1998 was a breath of fresh air - people still have sex! Safe sex in all its glory, is part of the television series. While this does not make the show palatable to religious fundamentalists, most people applauded his candor and wisdom, being born the sexual revolution.

3. Test the waters before marrying - Who can forget the doomed marriage of Charlotte with the seemingly perfect Trey? After knowing that she thought was the perfect man, the ever romantic Charlotte decided to wait until marriage to consummate their love, discovering later that they could not have an intimacy together. Sure, some people still believe that sex before marriage is wrong. These people probably also do not see the "Sex and the City". Most of us have to test the waters before getting married, because the intimacy is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Even if you plan to save sex for marriage, it is important to ask some questions about sexual health of your partner.

4. You can succeed out of your league - Never underestimate your ability to find love with someone "out of your league". Interested in someone really cute or a higher socioeconomic class? This does not mean you can not be together. It is likely that the idea must not be good enough to be wrong. Believe it or not, true love transcends superficiality.

In an episode of the third season, Miranda begins dating a handsome police detective from New York and ruin the relationship by being too conscious of her appearance. Obviously, she finds him very attractive, but her insecurity hinders something that could be wonderful.

Charlotte, on the other hand, learns that the appearance and status is not as important as their love for her second husband Harry.

5. Do not change who you are - This is a constant theme in the series, which supports the vibration of female power through which the "Sex and the City" is known. Never lose yourself in a relationship to conform to the ideals and life of another person. Carrie changed her personality for several men in the series. Although Aidan seem the perfect man, he was not perfect for her. One of the most hilarious episodes shows Aidan to show Carrie, a girl from New York, the country life, without success.

Throughout the series, Carrie returned to lose her character by a man, a Russian artist named Aleksandr Petrovsy. After alienate her best friends and moving to Paris with Aleksandr, she discovered that she was unhappy because she was living life the way he wanted, and not as she wanted.

6. Friends are the best advisers - not just the "Sex and the City" taught us that it is okay to be single, as it glorified the bonds between friends. The ladies of the series share every detail of their romantic lives with each other. Not sure what to think of her latest romantic interest? Their best friends may give valuable opinions. Of course, not all of us have heard the advice we are given, which happens often enough in the series. Charlotte was told that she was taking things too fast with Trey, and how often was that Carrie remembered things with Mr. Big might make become difficult?

7. Do not grab to a doomed relationship - If the signs are there, do not ignore them. Carrie thought Aidan was an impeccable man, but she knew he wasn't ideal for her. Still, she insisted, sharing his apartment with him. Do not connect the fact that she refused an engagement ring - when Aidan started living in her apartment, she knew it would not work.

Of course, the attempt was more painful in the series for poor Charlotte with her devotion to Trey. Yes, a man who bathes with her mother in the same division should be avoided. Still, Charlotte insisted on trying to be the perfect wife in an imperfect relationship.

8. Learn to accept the disinterest of the other person - One of the most memorable phrases in the series was "so he is not interested". In fact, this phrase has resulted in a book and a movie. After a meeting, Miranda invites her escort to go up to her apartment and he dismisses it. How can he decline a clear invitation for sex? Carrie's boyfriend, Berger, advises Miranda that "he is not that interested".

Sometimes it is as simple as this: he is not so interested and don't want to move on. Do not analyze too much - just find someone who is interested. Yes, it can hurt your ego a bit, but Miranda was not overly concerned. In fact, the logic of the Advocate in its simplicity.

9. Stop waiting for perfection -
Are you waiting for that the fairytale romance? Believes in the soul mate that will come into your life so cinematic? So wake up and realize that perfection rarely exists. Relationships are complicated - even the good ones. Relationships require work. Charlotte was almost childlike in her expectations about the "perfect" relationship. This resulted in disappointment. Likewise, Carrie and Mr. Big have experienced a series of breaks before realizing that they loved each other despite the fact that their relationship is far from perfect.

10. The opposites attract -
This is not about someone who is far away from your league, but about someone who is the complete opposite of each other. Although you can find love in someone like you, you can find your soul mate in a completely different person. Has the obsession with work and responsible Miranda dreamed that she would marry a childish bartender? Surprisingly, the relationship ran so she finally accepted that opposites attract and that may work for the balance.

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