10 great Places To Find The Person Of Your Dreams


"I've never been loved just for being me." My heart broke at my friend's statement. "I mean I have plenty of family that loves me, friends that think I'm cool, but I've never had someone to love me because they chose to." How does someone respond to a statement like that?! I was speechless.

Before you can find the mate of your dreams you must identify what your dreams consist of. What are the qualities you want in a mate? Once that is determined then decide where someone with those qualities spends their time. If you, as the song says, "like your women a little on the trashy side" then you would need to check out places she might hang out. That said, if you are waiting for the lady (or guy) that has high morals, prefers not to party and is ready to settle down with you for a lifetime, yet you spend all your time hanging out in bars, odds are you're not going be successful in your search. My point is; consider the qualities that you're looking for. This will determine what places he or she will be in.

If you have a spiritual side and prefer the person of your dreams have too, then Churches and church activities are wonderful places to find someone with your same interests and focus. This is especially great if you have an interest in raising a family and if raising your children in a Christian home, then start in the place you plan to end up at.

If you have an interest in physical fitness, consider joining a gym. Working out on a regular basis at the same place will position you in the surroundings of others with the same passion. Love Sports? Go to the games, enjoy yourself and watch your fellow fans as much as you watch the game.

The workplace is a common place for finding someone with the same interest however this must be used with caution. Working together should the relationship go belly-up could make for a very tense work environment. Some say "Never mix your money with your honey" so use this place with extreme caution.

There's nothing wrong with the old "friend of a friend" blind dinner date. You have nothing to lose but one evening. Your friends know you and your interests better than most anyone. Their suggestions should not be ignored. If it doesn't mesh, admit it and move on.

In this computer age we have wonderful advantages that our generations before did not. Check out some of the trusted online dating services such as eharmony.com, singlesNet.net, match.com to mention just a few. These sites are designed to match up people with similar interests. Just use caution as honesty is imperative in beginning a relationship and sometimes people have different priorities for using these online services.

Another option we have online is sites such as myspace.com or facebook.com. Not only do you link up with old friends, you also have the opportunity to meet new friends through the people you already know and trust. When you have your profile set up then your dream lady just might find you! Your interests are displayed in ways that you choose on your page.

Lastly, the best place to find the person of your dreams is in your prayers. God created each and every being for a purpose. He may have just the person for you but is keeping you apart until you are ready to ask him. Never underestimate the power of God and his ultimate plan.

Farm life drew Bud & me together.

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Agriculture life was the passion that brought Bud and me together.
Agriculture life was the passion that brought Bud and me together.
Agriculture life was the passion that brought Bud and me together.

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