10 reason for divorce!

If your reading this than you already have one reason, if you hadn't even thought about divorce then do not get one! From personal experience and education in psychology, I can give you readers 10 reasons you should file for divorce.

1.You have thought about divorce at least once. If you were happy and able to work out your differences then you would not have even thought about divorce.

2. The relationship is abusive, whether its mental or physical this is hard to handle, and news flash abuseres will never change!

3. Every relationships has to make sacrifices, but if your sacrificing your family and friends to please your spouse, then stop!

4.Your not happy. Plain and simple if your not happy than the relationship will suffer.

5. There is no communication, this is a biggie! Without communication, there is nothing!

6. Look at yourself in the mirror, tell me what you see. Do you see this amazing person that you are or do you see the person your spouse has turned you into? If you see someone other that the true you then its time to leave.

7. Children are one of the best things to happen to a person, however if you are married and have children, yet you seem to be doing all the work then why are you? Children are made with two people so two people should help!

8.Do you suspect your spouse is a cheater? Well they could be yet if there was trust and faith in the relationship then you wouldn't even have to wonder, you would already know.

9. Are you given financial responsibility? Even if you work also are you allowed to help with the bills and take out money for yourself? If not this is yet another reason to leave.

10. Your spouse just plain has issuse! In other words, they are crazy and refuse to get the mental help they need. There are no excuses for this one, if they have mental problems and refuse to get help, its only gonna get worse.

These are the top 10 reasons I believe, based on my own experience. I was not married for long 3 years and I am glad I got away! So if you have three or more reasons I have listed above then I think it is time you leave. It is hard and a long journey I will not sugar coat it, the next few months will feel like years, but as the saying says, :"this to shall pass". Remember that and in the long run you will be happy you made that choice!

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