10 recipes for keep smiling

When I wrote my story "Attention Smile" an idea become to me here it is!

1. If you are married or have girlfriend/boyfriend you should kiss your partner 6-10 times a day and make love with him more than 10 minutes. I tested this recipe its working.

The kiss is good for your health in many ways.

- Training for the facial muscles – the passionate the better

- Burning calories

- Stimulate cardiovascular activity

- Reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure

- Prevent the appearance of wrinkles

- Enhances immune system

- And of course keep your mouth smiling

2. When you hurry I the morning stop and looks. It is very easy just think for something about. Something you want so much. Something you love with real passion and you will smile. So the day begins with smile. Its working for me. Better to start the day with smile then big care. Do not worry about nonsense, everything is nonsense. I’m not a full worry not make difference. Just act without big concern. Of course we must think but without big concern. I deflect, sorry about that. And conclusion is: In the morning visualize your dreams and some of them will come true. And of course you will smile maybe all the day. I guarantee.

3. You have favorite music? I’m sure you do. Then when you are not happy listen yore favorites tracks. My favorite group is ACDC. When starts Thundertruck my adrenaline rises and I keep smiling.

4. Eat is good for smile. Chocolate even better but don’t get me wrong. I’m not encourage stuffing. I talk about gentle tasting. First with tong then with mouth slowly. With little pieces. The idea is longer enjoy.

5. Reading. I read everywhere. I the park on the bench. When I sit in the subway on my way home or work mostly books and free newsletters. But I prefer books. Isaak Asimov Foundation is my favorite and many more of course.

6. Looks around you. So many people so many nature miracles. The birds, the threes, flowers, smiles of other peoples. Every man who see your smile maybe will have better day. With one smile you can change life. My wife change mine.

7. Make jokes with colleagues and mate and relatives. Not bad jokes of course. I talk about anecdote and kidding. But be careful, if others think you are bad joker don’t push with jokes.

8. TV. I don’t recommend news they cause stress.

9. Go to bed with the thought of something beautiful and peaceful and wake up with a smile, because the latter thought before fall asleep wakes up first.

10. Think of something that made you smile. This is maybe the easiest way to keep smiling.

A smile is the best antidote for anxiety and sadness. Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Donate them your smile, because they need it ! Smile and you will unlocked many doors. Have you noticed when someone is smiling, thousands of stars shining in his eyes. Sparkle of these stars are transmitted to those around him and cause in them a smile and good mood! Smile charged with positive emotions, animates our whole being - boiling real life! And another thing: you have reason to smile? Just do it! Have a smile day!

Photo is used by Creative Commons of envagyokbenyus.

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Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 6 years ago

What a wonderful hub. I like!

Fenrisiys profile image

Fenrisiys 6 years ago from Bulgaria Author

Then smile for me and for yourself!:)

profile image

honey's girl 6 years ago

i like it ....v nice hub dear...i'm also dis sort of girl...most of d time u'll find me flashing million dollar smile...

Fenrisiys profile image

Fenrisiys 6 years ago from Bulgaria Author

honey's girl this is great! Keep smilling that way! And like i love to say : Have a nice smile!

profile image

honey's girl 6 years ago

yeah dear n i also always want to make everyone around me freakishly happy....my mum sumtimes say dat r u ok?:) wat iz d reasn behind ? y r u smiling alone?:)her such questions cause me to laugh much more..she too starts laughing den whike scolding me..my english iz not much gud hope u r getting wat i m tryng to say..huhahaha

Fenrisiys profile image

Fenrisiys 6 years ago from Bulgaria Author

Yes i undurstand you very well. I'm not englishman too! Keep smiling and keep laughing. And make others laugh!

profile image

honey's girl 6 years ago

If u r stressed,u'll get pimples....if u cry u'll get wrinkles.....den y dont u smyl and get dimples..:-)

Fenrisiys profile image

Fenrisiys 6 years ago from Bulgaria Author


ashleyvanillilife profile image

ashleyvanillilife 6 years ago from South East Asia Maritime Section - Phils

Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it. ~Author Unknown

Nice Hub! Thanks for Sharing. Have a nice day with big smile :)

Fenrisiys profile image

Fenrisiys 6 years ago from Bulgaria Author

Thanks,i always do!

Have a smile day with-luck!

ImanAlipk profile image

ImanAlipk 6 years ago

The man who smiles in problems that is really a great man, keep smiling everybody.p ((-: Really nice hub.

Fenrisiys profile image

Fenrisiys 6 years ago from Bulgaria Author

Thanks i enjoyed of writing.:)

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