10 Tips for Relationships and Dating for Men

10 Tips for Relationships and Dating for Men

The dating is seen, in recent times, as more relaxed and informal. As part of the male species, this is a sign that the doors are open to dating for you. Nowadays, dating is much less difficult. To make it even less difficult dating, here are 10 Tips for Relationships and Dating for Men.

Brace yourself:

Tip 1: Try to see the best of you: Remember that a meeting, especially the first meeting is crucial to first impressions, as they say, lasts forever. Try to have a cool and confident appearance knowing what to wear. The casual look is the first choice for many, but depends on the clothes you feel comfortable with. Is a t-shirt, polo or jacket, what matters is that it is ironed and wrinkle-free, have no spots or stains and it will be fine.

Now that you have an idea of what to wear, we will choose the scent. According to experts in dating and relationships, the smell of a man can make a woman lose interest or gain interest. Be a cologne or perfume, make sure you put the right amount at the exact locations! Sprinkle a moderate amount in the neck, wrist and chest. Brush your teeth, comb hair (or get a decent haircut), bring a handkerchief (especially when eating out), cut the nails and see your face in the mirror. Now you are ready to go!

Tip 2: Be on time - Patience may be a virtue, but being late for a meeting is bad and it is a sign that you do not give importance. Have a list of "things to do" to be conscious of time. If the girl arrives late, tell her that you forgive her if she buy you a drink, but in a playful and sassy way.

Tip 3: Find the perfect spot - You and your company must agree in advance where you will go. As an alpha male, take control and have a plan for the meeting. Suggest a coffee, a fair or even a local restaurant that serves good cheap meals. If you two have different ideas, try to reach an agreement. Let her decide and decide the next meeting. Remember to find a place where both are comfortable and have fun.

Tip 4: Have Manners - All the things your mother taught you about etiquette are helpful during a meeting. Show him that you are a gentleman by opening the car door, pulling a chair for her to sit. Use the right utensils and eat with grace. Believe me, all that matters!

Tip 5: Ensure that the meeting is fun - No one likes a dull meeting, so make an effort to communicate with your company. Remember that you are not there to impress but to know her. Ask questions and let her ask you questions. Say the right things at the right time. If it is the first meeting, try to avoid topics like your ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends of her, politics and other embarrassing questions.

Tip 6: Be spontaneous - The best dating tip one can give a man is to be spontaneous. Do not be too conscious and don't always think about what will happen next. Stop asking yourself if you are amusing her. Be relaxed and above all relax. Everything will go to its place, since you both are having fun.

Tip 7: Payment Method - usually the man pays the bill. But there are occasions where girls prefer to bear the expense. On a first date, do not take her too a fine restaurant or spend lots of money. A cheap coffee and a snack are the best choice. When the bill comes, just say "Do not worry, I paid, it's not much". You will only lead to an expensive restaurant your girlfriend, and then only occasionally.

Tip 8: Take the best of your meeting - Each meeting should be memorable, so try to get the best of each. The way depends on you and the girl. Make her feel special, this will ensure more meetings.

Tip 9: The Kiss Game - Now comes the tip most requested by men, do I kiss her? The answer lies in you, my friend. Should look for some signs that she may be transmitting such as looking at you intensely, wetting her lips as she looks at you, laughing at everything you say, or getting into hair. These are signs that she is interested and a kiss can arise.

Tip 10: The Call - There are some rules that say one should wait two days. There is nothing wrong with calling her the next day, but do not make a big issue. As a confidence man, should live life to its rhythm. With regard to what to talk about the call, simply resume the last conversation you had, it will still be fresh in your head.

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