101 ways to express your love

It’s an easy thing to tell someone you love them, but a truly romantic person knows that showing your love is more important to a relationship or marriage than simply stating your love. “I love you” may be a phrase of only three words, but there are millions of different romantic ideas and ways to say it to your boyfriend, girlfriend
, wife or husband. Never limit yourself to spoken words when expressing your romantic feelings!

Following are 101 inexpensive ways to say “I love you,” but they’re only the tip of a giant, romantic iceberg with limitless possibilities for you and your lover. Are they simple, common sense ideas? Well, sure they are.

   1. Write your lover an original, romantic poem (no matter how bad or sappy it is!)
   2. Give your lover a romantic massage
   3. Take an evening to learn all about your lover’s hobby or unique interest
   4. Prepare a romantic meal for your lover (even if you’re a lousy cook)
   5. Rent a romantic movie to watch with your lover (An Affair to Remember and Casablanca are great!)
   6. Make a list for your lover of your ten favorite romantic memories of the time you’ve spent together
   7. Tell your lover how much you enjoy waking up to them in the morning as soon as you wake up
   8. Buy flowers for your lover’s mother to thank her for bringing such a special person into the world
   9. Wash the dishes by hand with your lover, even if you have a dishwasher
  10. Bring your lover romantic flowers at least once a week
  11. Take your lover to a free museum or art exhibit
  12. Make a romantic picture frame for your lover with your favorite photo of you together
  13. Brag to your friends or family about how much you adore your lover
  14. Make dinner for your lover’s family to get to know them better
  15. Offer to give your lover a haircut (but only if you know what you’re doing!)
  16. Buy the sappiest, cheapest greeting card you can find and add your own special romantic message
  17. Make giving your lover a hug your first priority when you get home from work
  18. Tell your lover that your relationship is your number one priority
  19. Ask your lover to teach you how to make their favorite meal
  20. Take your lover to a romantic park to push them on a swing
  21. Save romantic souveniers from every date you go on with your lover
  22. Take your lover on a romantic ferris wheel ride
  23. Clean your lover’s car for them
  24. Write your lover a “101 reasons why I love you” list
  25. Kiss your lover on the cheek every day
  26. Make a romantic scrapbook full of pictures showing your lover as a kid growing up and give it to them as a present
  27. Buy your lover an inexpensive box of candy to share together (not just for Valentine’s Day!)
  28. Build a romantic sandcastle together with your lover at the beach
  29. Take your lover back to the place where you went on your first date together
  30. Give your lover a romantic thank-you note for all of the happiness they bring you
  31. Learn how to sew and surprise your lover by fixing a ripped article of clothing for them
  32. Email or scribble down a snippet from a romantic poem for your lover
  33. Whisper secret romantic words in your lover’s ear, even when you are alone together
  34. Put together a romantic photo album of pictures of you and your lover
  35. Put a smiling picture of your lover on your car’s dashboard
  36. Take your lover on a romantic afternoon hike or walk
  37. Have flowers delivered to your lover at home or work
  38. Read romantic love poems to your lover and laugh together at how sappy it is
  39. Try to knit your lover a horrible, romantic winter hat, sweater or gloves
  40. Mail your lover a card or letter expressing your love, even if you live together
  41. Put a gentle arm around your lover’s shoulders when walking together
  42. Make your lover a romantic calendar with a different picture of you together for each month
  43. Watch a romantic movie together and make a bowl of popcorn for you to share
  44. Take your lover on a romantic drive in a rich part of town to look at houses together
  45. Buy an inexpensive bottle of wine for you and your lover to share
  46. Say “I’m proud of you” to your lover
  47. Paint a picture for your lover, no matter how awful your painting skills
  48. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper thanking your lover for everything they do for you
  49. Breath on your lover’s hands to warm them when it’s cold outside
  50. Make your lover a romantic CD of songs that are special to you
  51. Pack a special, romantic picnic for your lover
  52. Take your lover out to try one of your favorite hobbies or sports–or try theirs!
  53. Tell your lover how much your first kiss or date meant to you
  54. Use romantic text messages to send your lover love letters on their cell phone
  55. Start a romantic blog for your lover with pictures and posts about your relationship
  56. Express your love on a mirror or window by writing with a bar of soap (don’t worry, it washes off!)
  57. Romantically kiss each of your lover’s fingertips, one after another
  58. Learn how to play a song for your lover on a musical instrument, then surprise them with a romantic impromptu performance
  59. Surprise your lover with lunch at work
  60. Surprise your lover with romantic rose petals on the pillows at bedtime
  61. Cut out small hearts from construction paper and leave them in places where your lover will find them
  62. Email your lover to let them know you are thinking of them during the day
  63. Plant flowers in your lover’s yard or in a windowsill planter
  64. Draw a romantic, funny cartoon for your lover expressing your love (the worse the drawing the better!)
  65. Learn how to give your lover an amateur manicure
  66. Sing a romantic karaoke song for your lover the next time you go to a bar together
  67. Have a romantic dinner waiting for your lover after work
  68. Light romantic candles for your lover at dinner, bedtime or when sitting around
  69. Learn how say “I love you” in a different language to surprise your lover
  70. Send a romantic e-card to your lover’s email inbox
  71. Shovel the driveway for your lover after a snowstorm
  72. Surprise your lover by changing the oil in their car or rotating their tires
  73. Ask your lover’s family about any special ideas for making them happier
  74. Offer to paint your lover’s nails (if a woman) or to help him shave (if a man)
  75. Bake your lover a cake and write a special romantic message in frosting
  76. Play romantic music while eating together or spending time together
  77. Cook for your lover in a way you’ve never tried before, like grilling outside
  78. Ask your lover to dance with you to a romantic song while your are alone together
  79. Take your lover for a romantic bike ride
  80. Use creative romantic words other than “I love you” to tell your lover how you feel
  81. Rake the yard or mow the lawn for your lover
  82. Instead of store-bought flowers, make a romantic bouquet of wildflowers for your lover
  83. Make your lover homemade candy instead of buying
  84. Take turns reading to each other from a favorite novel or book
  85. Buy a book of romantic art and ask your lover to look at it with you
  86. Make a scrapbook of all the romantic notes and cards you’ve received from your lover
  87. Take your lover sledding on a snow day (it’s not just for kids!)
  88. Make plans with your lover for exciting and fun weekend dates for the rest of the month
  89. Try an exciting new recreational activity with your lover that neither of you have done before
  90. Call in sick to work on your anniversary every year just to spend romantic time with your lover
  91. Find out your lover’s favorite drink and become a master at making it
  92. Make a list with your lover of all the wonderful things you have in common
  93. Go to the fair with your lover and win them a stuffed animal (whether you’re a man or a woman!)
  94. Call your lover during the work day to tell them you were thinking of them
  95. Put time and thought into making homemade jewelry for your lover (but don’t forget to buy the real stuff occasionally!)
  96. Ask your lover for a picture of them to carry in your wallet or purse
  97. Try baking a romantic batch of cookies or cupcakes for you lover
  98. Sneak out to get ice cream to share with your lover
  99. Take your lover to garage sales or flea markets to shop together for things you both enjoy
 100. Play a competitive game with your lover, whether physical or non-physical, and don’t be afraid to lose
 101. Make your own list of 101 new ways to be romantic with your lover!

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Soul 5 years ago

Some nice tips. Thanks bro

Victoria 5 years ago

Ahww My Baby does all these things :) & i do all for him :) i lovee you baby!

Alwell 5 years ago

this tips are cool,wonderful 4 everyday life.love is more than words it demands action

Fazil 5 years ago

Super i like it

dmarr004 5 years ago

useful info!

bender 5 years ago

well done you massive bunch of puffs

Baby ma 5 years ago

Thanks a lot....!

I gg to do all tis to my darling n express my love to him...!

ABEEY 5 years ago

Nice tips ;) hopefully gonna try all dexe for ma guy :-D

sirisha 4 years ago

hey very usefull tips.......i do follow it.....

Ashley Musenwa 4 years ago

Those ar vry useful tips.

Freedom 4 years ago

Beautiful tips,God bless u.

sourav 4 years ago

wonderful but it may have exceptions

mohammed 4 years ago

all are easy to perform and effective i am out of words to expres this all.

Julitah 4 years ago

Oh, these few tips r of great help. Thank you. Keep it up!

zaza 4 years ago

Thanks for the tips its very usefull

christine faye dela cruz 4 years ago

nice idea""

christine faye dela cruz 4 years ago

nice idea""

Lynch 3 years ago

I Have New boyfriend his Name Matthew Brennan

I' am falling in love with him and spend time with his friend but I feel to

Express my feelings of him but I Need help he Mean Everything To Me

and really Love him

nimra wajid 3 years ago

nice ideas

Mylindaminka 3 years ago

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Kobe 2 years ago

Lol all you have to do is show it , actions speak louder than words. Anybody can say i love you "giggles", not to many can show it and be consistent.

shalini karthik 15 months ago

i think it works out well. useful tips for lovers.. awwfull tips

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